Even the New York Times admits the bivalent “boosters seem to do little to prevent infections” and target variants no longer in circulation (https://www.nytimes.com/2022/01/21/health/covid-boosters-cdc-omicron.html), as I cite in this piece:

• “Letter to the Stanford Daily” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/letter-to-the-stanford-daily)

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“You know what would help people avoid dying from COVID? Repurposed drugs. Medical doctors being allowed to make their own decisions as opposed to taking orders from incentivized bureaucrats. “

I’m through with this existing medical system.

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I'm confused. The emergency ended. Biden signed bipartisan legislation ending it. How can any product be administered under EUA?

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If I was a Cov-idiot I'd jump with glee

At the stunning opportunity to get some more spike protein in me.

They say it stays in the muscle and won't travel to your brain

They say it clears from your system and won't linger or remain

I hear it helps grandma from suffering an early breathless death.

I hear it prevents the hospitals from chaos and distress.

That it minimizes symptoms.

That it stops covid in its tracks.

That the side effects are rarer than

Twenty year olds, having heart attacks.

They say long-covid is truly awful

And that you won't get it if you're jabbed.

They say to trust the science.

And misinformation is bad.

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It’s just unimaginable that Marks states that most of the population has antibodies to Covid SARS 2 but in the same breath says keep the up-to-date on Covid shots unbelievable if you weren’t injured before why the hell would you take another chance and spin that roulette chamber of the gun of risk with another shot if you’re supposed to be already having the immunity to Covid SARS 2.


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This is updated regularly:

Therapeutics and repurposed drugs for the treatment of cancer


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The Heavily Vaccinated

Are So Traum-O-Tized

That They Won’t Want To Remember

What It Was Like Being Healthy

Even If They Could.


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Absolutely unreal. My faith was so misplaced in the FDA. I always figured when push came to shove, they truly had patient safety at heart. I was so wrong. They are completely captured. I hope their consciences never give them a moment’s peace.

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Come on smarties 🤓 who didn’t take a shot, you know, the science has changed. 🔬

Join the club, just ignore the fact that the bivalent includes two extinct antigens 🦠🦠 and antibody titers mean squat. Zippo. 🅾️

We really need to help pharma out. 🆘 They have A LOT of hot lot back stock that needs to move.

Now 50% off! 🆒 ‼️

Kids ride three times for free, and comes with a happy meal with your very own wuhan spike plushie 🪅 Collect them all! 🎢 Think of the VAERS reports as a rollercoaster ride. Whee!

You know you want it. Don’t be left out. Just do it.

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Why are newborns being vaccinated at all when they don’t have a fully develop immune system

definition of insanity

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Apr 19·edited Apr 19

I would like to alert readers to the following substack essay.


Scroll down to the foot of the page, the list of interventions and documentaries is placed at the end of the essay.

It details US military interventions to remove democratically elected governments around the world. The techniques employed can be studied.

The list is divided (somewhat arbitrarily) into

A What have the US or CIA been up to?

B Corruption, and Erosion of Rights

C Finance and Economics

We are currently in a soft coup (so far without overt military force) but the psyops, propaganda and terror are familiar.

The UN and WHO are organisations that have been taken over by US/western plutocrats and are not acting independently. The US and its backers are running the show.

I recommend watching the documentary included in the website on the invasion of Panama. George Bush senior ran that atrocity just in 1989, not long ago.


The "pandemic" is a more sophisticated act of war, against allies and the people of the US. Understanding US military interventions in the past help us to understand clearly what is being done to us now.

After watching this I realise that none of this has been by chance. The injections must have been planned well in advance, to weaken target populations and enable a smooth transition to full dominance. This article makes you realise this.



This is a group of drug pushers extorting money with menaces.

When there is a large organisation executing a drug-pushing programme, they often have another purpose in mind besides the obvious lucrative benefit: they are destroying - or at least handicapping - that society. Witness the Opium Wars that Britain waged on China; the CIA and “Freeway” Ricky Ross programme in LA; giving alcohol to Native Americans in the seventeenth or eighteenth century; heroin in Vietnam and Afghanistan.

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Can you please confirm if you are the author of this paper? https://petermcculloughmd.substack.com/p/the-novelty-of-mrna-viral-vaccines

Respectfully, suggest you look at the comments. These echo my feelings:

Laura Garcia

"Anyone else noting the change/shift in the wind....it’s called, there will be no accountability. They are now going to lead us down the path of bygones, mistakes were made....we can learn and do better next time around."

Jo Singel

"I’m feeling seriously disappointed upon reading this short article. My sense of smell is very accurate. My mind wants to debate what my sense is presenting. Something does not smell right here. Why this article now, I ask myself. We are still being lied to and there continue to be mandates for certain groups. We aren’t out of the woods yet and here is this article."

And finally, this:

James Beck

"Yes. We can see the next phase of "we didn't know" being unveiled. Dr McCullough has agreed & been recruited to be the spokesperson to beg for leniency for the criminals for the sake of saving science. As of this morning, I am canceling paying for his Substack propaganda."

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Is Covid, by that I mean land - up - in hospital Covid still a thing in the US? Where I am it hasn't been for ages. What is a thing is sudden deaths and the ongoing aftermath from vaccine injury, "long Covid", shedding, weird,, "colds"etc. Everyone is just less healthy than three years ago. OK not everyone, but generally people seem to have lowered stamina.

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My extremely healthy 92 year old Uncle took all the shots.

He was infected with Omicron. It ravaged his lungs and he unfortunately died.

When his doctor was questioned she replied "Well, his age".

Wasn't he in exactly the demographic that was supposed to benefit from these jabs?

I know he was elderly, but I can't help but think Vitamin D and early use of some repurposed meds would have saved him a lot of suffering.

How many people have DIED and suffered because they were DENIED appropriate treatment?

Now add the vaccine deaths.

It's the NEEDLESS suffering that blows my mind.

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Definitive proof that these boosters must be the most dangerous. Only maximum devastation will be allowed

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"The available data continue to demonstrate that vaccines prevent the most serious outcomes of COVID-19, which are severe illness, hospitalization, and death.”

This is simply a flat out lie! You know what prevents death? Not killing people with Remdesivir!

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