You are on 🔥🔥🔥 in this post, Jessica.

Thank you for being brave enough to say it—and with brilliance and wit to boot:

Mistakes Were NOT Made


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Excellent summary Dr.Rose. One of the best ! I was ''attacked'' by a 70yo woman the other day in Scotland for saying the jabs don't work and are killing people. She said 'it worked for me' i said how do you know ? I said it worked so well you need to take 3 or more ? Taking no jabs worked for me ! She was crazy, legit crazy and blamed me for her mum dying of COVID in a care home ! You're right about the nervousness in the air. I notice people DO NOT WANT TO TALK about the last 3 years no matter how many facts i present. So as you eluded to the public are primed for 'the next one.'

We're at that time now- SPARTANS........WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION ?

May god help us all !


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The IMF Has Just Unveiled A New Global Currency Known As The “Universal Monetary Unit” That Is Supposed To Revolutionize The World Economy

From Phoenixes to Unicorns...


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This is a truly epic summary of the past couple of years Miss Jessica. You have a writing style that is both objective and passionate, a tricky thing to pull off.

I personally feel like the genie has been released from the bottle and there’s no jamming him back in there. I say that not out of apathy but because I look around every day and see the utter lack of awareness that we are fast being carolled to the edge of the abyss. You make the points perfectly. We see the passive acceptance by the majority that the last two years were probably necessary because, well, it was a nasty virus after all. Wasn’t it?

Do this test. Ask your friends, colleagues, neighbours, families, everyone what a CBDC is. Ask them what the Pandemic Treaty is. Even if you don’t ask directly, ask yourself, do they know? Have they even heard about either? Do they care?

If your peer group, outside of those who are awake, is like mine then they are all going to sleepwalk into an irreversible tyranny and they are going to drag us with them.

Numbers matter but even if we are the majority, and we would absolutely be if we were all awake, we are nothing without communication and coordination. The wholly captured and controlled MSM effectively siloes all of us who can see the reality unfolding.

We have personally taken every possible step we can to achieve independence from state interference and avoid dependence on state support. But I know that in a society with CBDCs, fake climate crises and supranational authority to declare a pandemic on a whim we are kidding ourselves if we think we can continue to live outside of the dystopia.

Keep up the tremendous work Jessica and ignore my terrible negativity. Stay strong.

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Pretty darn good! Thank you.

They want to divide us and subject us to all kinds of "emergencies."

For me, the big thing that's happening now is RFK Jr's campaign for president, which he'll very likely win unless people wake up (we'll slowly see acceptance of "mistakes were made" so then maybe RFK isn't such nutcase after all; the left will forgive him because after all, climate is the big issue.) RFK Jr is a climate fanatic, and if you think there's no such thing as "unwarranted government emergency powers," wait until the man who wants to save the world from global catastrophe gets in. https://www.amazon.com/Climate-Crisis-Causing-Fighting-Reverse/dp/1510760563/ref=sr_1_2?crid=29K3NP6REFWZN&keywords=RFK+Jr+climate&qid=1681648209&sprefix=rfk+jr+climate%2Caps%2C148&sr=8-2 That's published in 2020, folks.

Kennedy is a dangerous climate fanatic and WILL use every government power to stop a non-existent crisis, the very crisis that underlies the WEF agenda and necessitates a one-world-government "for the greater good." Yet look how supposedly aware, enlightened people (on our side!) are lapping this up like the man will be the Savior of the Free World.

So now we get further division of the movement with people like Malone and Nass and Midwestern Doctor championing the new messiah, and others of us asking, "what in holy God's name is going on with this?"

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I can't disagree with anything you say. But, optimistically, I can offer this. "They" are not immortal. And if immortality were achievable, it wouldn't be them that discover how to attain it. This means they will all eventually die and, looking at most of them, sooner, rather than later. So, our greatest concern should be who comes next? What putrid spawn of these so-called "elites" is set up to continue their abhorrent plans? And how can we prepare our own progeny to best deal with it? I'm thinking of my children more than myself.

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watched your excellent presentation at the Canada inquiry and learnt more things. Your cat is amazing, the animals definitely keep us going. Feeding the birds outside my place (mainly magpies as in Australia) has kept me going through these insane years.

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We evolved into this cul-de-sac and must evolve out. Unless we have kids, keep them healthy and raise them in a viable culture all else is naught.

We are vulnerable when we need something from the establishment. Health documents, travel documents, education, employment... We need to avoid the system of doctors, pediatricians, educators and the lot to the maximum extent possible. Live off the grid, outside the matrix. Preferably in a country so backwards that it isn't a question. Think Nicaragua, Argentina or Moldova.

Take care of our own health, maintain our own strength, and set an example so the next generation does so instinctively.

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Hi Jessica.

Many of us realize the about to explode apocalypse but too many don't. No one else in my family wants to hear it as I think it's just too overwhelming & they'd rather pretend C19 is a real pandemic & "climate change" is real & at a crisis point. Far more people are incapable of thinking than those who can. Here is a look at a couple of gems that Agenda 21 has spawned:




All these activists now in place in the medical, legal & educational fields have been radicalized & are actively seeking to destroy families, civilities & liberties &, especially sanity. They are under the weight & duress of mass psychosis & I don't know any way to yank them back. We are producing a whole generation of mentally ill children, so many of which will now become sterile thanks to the insanity of radical "gender" ideology. Science is largely gone out the window & post sec. education is now dominated by woke ideologies with white men being excluded & white women being "eliminated".

This has been decades in the making. All our gov't agencies & players have been indoctrinated or, worse, captured by what really goes on relating to "Epstein" activities (& it's not sex). There is still a brief window where we might turn this around but it will have passed us by by year's end. We must forcibly stand up to the boards of education & remove gender & critical race & sexualization from our children. The teachers must not be allowed to refer to parents as "your adults" & your "siblings" instead of brother or sister. We must refuse, en masse, to take any more injections of any kind. We need to be very vocal about the WEF & all our politicians who are members which makes them enemies of our state, while we still have one. The WHO pandemic treaty must be exposed for what it is & stopped. Too many are ignorant about it's existence & true meaning.

Thank you for your essays.


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You described the entire landscape within my brain.

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“The systematic nature of the conversion will be slight-of-hand - pretty much undetectable, by most. I might even go as far to say, that the masses will ask for it - without even knowing that they are.”


I’ve spent my entire adult life reading and studying social psychology, mostly for self-preservation (I’m odd).

You are a super cool smarty pants, Jessica 🌹 😎

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you have come a long way in three years.

as most of your readers did....

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Thanks Jessica. There's no reason you would remember but in an earlier post I had suggested that you might provide your opinion on what went down. All the theories about mecahnisms of potential cause of AEs are interesting, and we will have time to investigate all that later, but not relevant to the central issues of what went down. To me, the central questions remain:

1. Why did ALL Westren Governments simultaneously abandon their carefully crafted "Pandemic Contingency Plans" which had been prepared over decades and constantly updated in line with the current science?

2. Why are ALL Westen Governments refusing to acknowledge ANY mistakes and insteaf doubling down and gaslighting any dissent?

The obvious fact is that this involved a GREAT degree of Global coordination and, frankly, although I am not yet entirely convinced, I am leaning towards a conclusion that only a Globally coordinated Military operation could have provided this degree of control and coordination.

Until these questions are answered, we will remain in the dark and, as of now, all this could, and likely will, happen all over again in future. irrespective of whether there was a virus or not, whether it was zoonotic or Man-made in a Lab, what the mechanisms of AEs were etc.

Governments will NEVER admit any errors or compplicity. They are still denying JFK, 9/11 etc so why would anyone expect them to come clean on this? They won't - It's waht Governments do.

We have to focus on the key issues and keep pushing and connecting bthe dots. It's the only way forward.

Jessica I admire your work and love what you do, this is in no way intended to criticise your work, which as a scientist I enjoy and greatly value.

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Great post.

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Thank-you, Jessica. This is an awesome post. I, too have been trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The more I am finding out, the scarier it is. On a side note, I am a Canadian, who lives in the province of Ontario. I am tired of the secrecy and lies. I am tired of how the people are not told the truth. I am aware legislation is based on UN and WEF objectives. These policies are totally against the people.

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This is why you are deeply appreciated and loved by the medical freedom movement. You get it.

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