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This „person” thing is really interesting. Until recently, it used to be widely used for legal persons (as if you were illegal) or incorporated entities (and you thought that movies about aliens snatching human bodies were fiction). December 2019 marked the beginning of reframing commonly used concepts. Along with “dying from” and “dying with” new classification of disease vs. not important disease, “asymptomatic” changing the meaning of the a- prefix to “not yet diagnosed with PCR”, persons finally became the eye of the psyclone.

Check the etymology (https://www.etymonline.com/word/per-), and you will find that the prescribed meaning of “pre-“ is “through” or “entirely”. “Son” is obvious, despite weird explanations of language “scientists” turning it into “sound”. Thus, when you weld per and son, you get “through the son”, a concept common in all major tribes, marking the importance of heirdom through the male bloodline. This may have a side meaning of restoring the “natural” order of importance of women in the society, when they had the freedom of taking care of the household (and a huge advantage of being exempt from taxation, a major glitch finally recognized by overlords and corrected with feminism movements which ultimately imposed taxes on women who came to be accepted as employees).

In this context, a pregnant person would mean anyone who comes through the son and has an important role to play (like in “a pregnant statement”). Strange, for sure, but not stranger than “tracking and tracing” innocent people for their pre-crime capacity to spread dis-ease. No wonder that even key persons in the crème de la crème government positions are unable to define what “woman” means.

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Super lawyer Aaron Siri has established in court that both the FDA and CDC are captured agencies and work at the behest of their clients such as Pfizer, Moderna and other pharmaceuticals who fund them instead of actually providing any regulatory oversight.

See his interviews on the brillant The Highwire show and also:


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Thank you Jessica for seeking out the truth . ACOG still recommends the jab till this day . Hospital systems know the truth . They know their delivery volumes. It’s sickening , there are lies upon lies . Follow the money 💰

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Thank-you for this post. I'm an OB nurse and I do NOT recommend the shots period especially for pregnant mothers. Our NICU preterm birth rate is very high. The situation is tragic!


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Thanx Jessica for your continued efforts.

Your readers comments are fascinating and educational as well.

Thanx to all( I will not differentiate).


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Oh but I think you're missing something here..... If pregnant people get jabbed, all is well 🙄 it's only the pregnant women and their babies who don't do so well..... 🥲

Maternal deaths in pregnancy, in labour and postpartum are way up for the first time in years. Oh and if you're unV you will get deliberately very low level care from medicos, as happened to a friend recently, luckily she survived and discharged herself asap. They really hope you die.

Q - their statements about the severity of C in pregnancy, how did they collate data on this for a 'novel' V?

Btw love the work of Dr James Thorp and the whistle blowers keeping him informed, agony for the good ones dealing with this and dead babies (stillborn doesn't quite cut it for a description of late in utero death) he mentioned 13 dead in one shift.

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If I'm reading this article correctly, it appears that the page was taken down sometime between November 6 and November 7, which was election day. Coincidence?

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"People" must tell the criminal CDC to go jump in a lake, and take the rest of the corrupt government (the police state) with them. We are not to be monitored, micromanaged and constantly injected as if we were mental patients in a 19th century asylum.

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To imagine how Pinnochio Walensky could recommend the jab given what was known, and to show up on fake news repeatedly lying to people. . . with that oh so cute smile. . . is either a sociopath or psychopath with zero conscience.

But Pinnochio and her husband did profit for selling out pregnant women.


And note the ties to the human cockroach Mr. Fauci, aka the Big Pharma sock puppet sho plays a doctor on TV>.

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PLEASE PUT THIS IN A NEW TAB UNTIL effective discussion

of perishable pages for people in need has occurred.

2023 - Annual update - Observations of Dr. Jessica Rose,

Made During Her Most Recent Trip Around the Sun.

2022 Recap:

Biomed/math science genius

Advocate for humanity

Award-winning surfer

Excellent photographer




Forensics Detective ¹

Biomaterials Investigator ²

World-renowned researcher/speaker on VAERS/Covid 19

Provider of therapeutic Linky Doodles

1) Almost continuously, but notably revisiting a

4chan post from 2020, on 02 October 2023, also

discovering cardiac amyloidosis mimicking myocarditis.

2) And not afraid to look a spider in the ass (pictorially).


- Sampling Brackets - ~November through October - Annually

- Sourcing - Dr. Rose's Substacks, 3rd-party interviews and comments.

- Corroboration - Dr. Rose's colleagues, peers and readers

- All attributions were made in the first year of observation.

- All chosen qualities appeared to have had significant pre-existence,

with the likely exception of Linky Doodles.

- No animals were harmed, confused or inconvenienced by this compilation.

Thanks for all your inspired and inspiring work!

Happy Birthday - this one and every one!

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🇦🇺🥼 Former obstetrician and gynaecologist, Dr Luke McLindon, who now sells sheds and pergolas (6 June 2023): https://rumble.com/v2trbec-australian-medical-professionals-society-amps-national-tour-dr-luke-mclindo.html

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Just yesterday a 28 year old male soccer player from Ghana collapsed and died while running during a match in Albania. He had played for the national team of Ghana. Doctors in Albania are stumped but at least they have ruled out complications from childbirth.

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You are amazing Jessica! Do you ever sleep?

What an asset to humanity you are.

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I am sure that even trans women would agree that only women can become pregnant. The 'pregnant people' illustrates the confused thinking at the CDC even as the political boxes are ticked off. Oops!

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These people are really coo-coo for Cocoa Puffs.

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