I know two people who are elderly who are being tested like pin cushions for odd blood problems... and yet fit this syndrome!!! But it is NOT being diagnosed in Toronto as such. Aspects fit other more common diagnoses that (mis) guide treatments, even when they aren’t working well.

WHAT medical practitioner or specialist should and DOES even know about this syndrome in someone NOT a baby?

Misdiagnoses of people over 65 in Canada, leading to fast multi system failure is just another reason to say, but they are elderly... not expected to live, they had... high blood pressure in one case, and arthritis in the other. Yet, they were energetic and mobile until booster shot 3/4.

Meantime, Canadian doctors are going missing in action. Boosted out of work, if not life. I am sorry for their dogmatic idiocy: their loss is also a human disaster. Meantime, the largest province in Canada, has made a theoretical $1.6 billion budget surplus in the last year by NOT delivering medical care that was budgeted. In-home seniors and mental health, (‘community’) services have been stopped (despite program announcements to the contrary).

You know who has the proper data? Big pharma can purchase detailed population medical and prescription data from the provincial government.

Academics have been corrupted by discovery dollars from the US military budget. Doctors are driven by the next $500/hour steady work doing the same old without learning or adapting (if they survive their own practice).

And people are dying from undiagnosed spikopathy.

Once world leaders in genuine health care (including prevention) against the commercialized American specialized biomedicine, Canadians have succumbed and, sadly suckered. Our government paid care follows American standards. Yet, Americans made this.

So how do we up the expertise, medical diagnosis of countermeasure countermeasures to deliver services that have some potential for practical humane benefit?

Our doctors consent are uninformed so promote iatrogenic harm.

We need to all take care.

Thank you for your great reporting.

I have ideas about what can be done to rally proper care. Let me know if you /anyone cares to collaborate.

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Jessica, your output of important digs into these matters amazes me. You also make much of it reasonably easy for me to understand. Thanks you.

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The more we learn the more horrible it looks. Thanks to the truth warriors like Jessica.

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Thank you for this. This was one of the diagnosis given to my husband after contracting COVID last August. He is not vaccinated. I immediately said no way on this diagnosis, but I suspected his lymphatic swelling (only in his head and neck) was likely a reactivated EBV infection since he had mono as a teen. he had the series of symptoms that is associated (night fevers, spleen/liver acute pain, lymph swelling) the swelling never resolved after the initial fever episodes. His recent diagnosis of Rosai Dorfman disease is likely right on and of course they are prescribing steroids. he has been suffering from this issue for a year and two biopsies, a lymph removal and pathological examination, has ruled out cancer. he is now taking a protocol I formulated of several things to combat the EBV, so hopefully this will resolve soon and he can breathe through is nose and taste food again. this issue is not talked about enough and even the virus reactivates dormant viruses including cytomegalovirus, and other herpes simplexes. ~S

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Diagnosis of HLH (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6297301/): Meeting 5 out of the following 8 criteria:

* fever

* splenomegaly (enlargement of the spleen)

* cytopenias in peripheral blood:

-*- haemoglobin <90 g/L

-*- platelets <100×109/L

-*- neutrophils <1×109/L

* haemophagocytosis in bone marrow, lymph nodes or spleen

* low or absent natural killer cell activity

* ferritin >500 ng/mL

* raised soluble CD25 (IL-2 receptor)

* fasting hypertriglyceridaemia (>3 mmol/L) or hypofibrinogenaemia


The COVID-19 vaccines seem to be able to cause hyperactivations of different systems:

- hyperactivation of macrophages (and T-cells) that engulf normal haematopoietic cells in the bone marrow, liver and spleen -> HLH

- hyperactivation of mast cells -> mast cell activation syndrome

- hyperactivation of plateles (as for example an effect of endotheliitis) -> amyloid fibrin microclots -> thrombosis

- hyperactivation of T follicular helper (Tfh) cells -> increased levels of non-specific antibodies and autoimmune antibodies (see https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29739835/)

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2 in a decade, 169 after these jabs introduced is mind boggling. Sadly, even more rare diseases or syndromes will be found the longer we go. I’m so glad not to be ‘vaccinated’ by this horrible jab. If I would have taken it, I’d be fearful for my health. At 73 I have enough to care about, but at least I can sleep at night knowing some obscure medical issue isn’t causing untold damage. Thank you Jessica for your deep dive into these vaccine injuries and your ability to understand and analyze. Thanks also for sharing this information in a way that we (especially I) can comprehend.

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Oh, god, there must be something going on there. Those are such big big words!!

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I appreciate your words as a way to say NO to this. And I am horrified about the Midazolam use. I am not an MD but hold a certificate in End of Life Care, with a full time practicum in Complex Palliative Care...pre-COVID.

My heart goes out to all those who assume their disease treating MD cares for health. We know there is a problem when MDs in public systems fail to look at the data-based reports in the developed world, showing NO treatment in palliative care (dire 3-6-month prognosis even with cancer) generally beats conventional medical care in terms of actual life span and quality of life. Use of Medazolam... (?) in the final 24 hours(?) after known signs of actual dying.

And I have seen an intensive care specialist hasten death by using increasing doses of morphine, in response to natural sounds the patient’s wife ‘suffered’ hearing, saying she thought her husband was in pain. Yet, some MDs in Canada say they stand against euthanasia and don’t perform it. Nah, they stand only to save people.

IMHO, controllers gaslight and mislead people by first deceiving themselves. At an institutional level, it all has a professional patina of something more putrid than BS.

IF this COVID corruption in civil society is really about eugenics, then should we let people guide family members calmly into WEF sponsored showers on the way out.

Is this economically motivated end-of-life care for people being murdered by corrupt remote king pins and their -our- unwitting loved ones?

Sad. Terrifying. Inhumane.

So we can’t lose our hearts through the anger and loss. We have to pace appropriate care (triage).

And we need to bridge gaps in education and training. Data and theory must meet practicality. Life is more precious than that solid investment in everyone’s retirement or pension plan.

The smartest brits who provided the best tech to their intel service pre911 are being so thoroughly silenced in bogus US law suits... so they remain isolated from public view. The Americans have captured the WHO and made this happen.

We are left crying in the trenches as we see people shattered for no good reason.

💝for you and our loved ones. We need an in-the-field training facility for those willing to work for a tomorrow.

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Excellent analysis, and good job on double checking your work! Two occurrences in a decade vs an under-reported 169 since the release of the jab. This absolutely shows the need for investigation and action.

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Would people who have latent EBV after 2 cases of it be more likely to have this triggered if they got jabbed? I have been concerned about this if for any reason I was forced to get one of the jabs that are causing so many immune disorders after getting jabbed. I also have a positive reaction to the TB test after being exposed to it when I watched an autopsy and I’m concerned if the jab would activate the virus.

As for this:

'The onset of HLH occurs before the age of one year in approximately 70 percent of cases.'

I’m curious if we will see more babies being diagnosed with HLH if their mom had been jabbed during pregnancy.

Good lord I can’t imagine the mindset of the persons who would deliberately create a virus that has the potential to wipe out humanity. And they are still walking free!

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Fauci Science Sorcery…..Is ice boiling over?

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Yes I’m sure when I figure out what any of this means. 😆

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You stated:

"I had mis-spelled ‘Haemophagocytic... I had spelled it Hemophagocytic....I re-did the query using the spelling with the ‘ae’, I found 169 reports."

The following sources (#'s) you cited - 2, 3, 4, 5, and 9 - all used what you stated was the wrong spelling (He) in the descriptions of their reports!!!

Could this be a deliberate tactic to reduce the number of incidents?

Is "Hae" an older spelling of the word, not in common use anymore?

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Indefatigable Jessica Rose.


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