I also couldn't believe it when I read the headlines.

Then- I remembered this simple truth: I could only "not believe it" within the context of an internal model of the world whereby I trusted these institutions, professionals & Govts. ie: my old world view of what I believed the governing bodies of our democratic bodies were ...

For me, the last 2 years has included the systematic demise of my internal model, or codified belief systems of what I believed our society, professional bodies and institutions and Govts are & the underlying universal principles guiding them. ie: the collapse of that illusion & trust.

Because I am a trained scientist, it actually took this full direct frontal assault on science and the hard core science part of my mind, to fully catalyze the collapse of all those other illusory belief systems & trust. I'm 58. I've benefited greatly from our old freedoms. It's ingrained in me. Deeply.

That's been a brutal process. A real grieving & letting go of what I thought everything was. I would not wish it on anyone, yet, it will ultimately be necessary for many, many more if we are to exit this. IMHO, there's another tough truth: We don't get out of this, unless we ALL get out of this....

The mind cannot hold 2 conflicting beliefs without remaining stuck and causing massive anxiety throughout the entire nervous system & body. At some point, you've got to choose one of them to move forward. My hope is that more people are choosing one of them....Perhaps that's why population anxiety is cranked up to max these days... People have a sense that something is deeply wrong. And it is. It's becoming more materially obvious in our everyday lives and it's growing daily now.

There's only so long people can ignore it.

It takes a lot of guts to let go of deeply programmed beliefs and unconditional trust in what you thought were framework institutions and trustworthy professional classes in your life. Because if they can't be trusted & all this time they were something else, then what does that mean?


It means we must accept self-responsibility & all start using our brains for more than a hat rack. And, when you've been numbed out in false comfort all this time .. that's a massive leap.

Unfortunately, the longer it takes, the higher the cost to innocent people ... who didn't have the club to the head " THIS IS BLATANT BULLSHIT" moment the second the math and science didn't add up with the spin ( like Dec 2019- March 2020) .

You can't see what you can't see.

Most people haven't been able to " see" it because of 1) programmed blind trust & faith in the talking heads 2) censorship of the science & it's awesome voices 3) overwhelm of fear, uncertainty, grief and utter engineered confusion 4) fear & avoidance of math and science ... thus anything related to it ( I'll argue that that has been part of the agenda too ...fully engrained in our education system to shrink critical thought, innovation, self agency...etc)

When I see it that way, I find myself more empathetic & compassionate in this shit show, because in that frame, people are actually waking up extremely fast, being ultra brave. In that, I also find myself even more resolute in the courage to speak up, speak out and live free, even as tyranny closes in. Courage & freedom are contagious. They are internal states that extend outwards.

The inner changes are starting to radiate outwards for more and more people.

So, I salute you all - and especially you, Jessica.

We are all becoming Truckers - thanks to you & everyone else breaking trail on this.

The human convoy will get there.

In the meantime, keep chopping wood and carrying water with a smile and wink.

Thanks for your grit, fight and pushback Jessica.

I'm in the bad girl corner on all my social media channels & even within my family...although less so now. Sadly, the AEs are showing up now, and I'm getting lots of calls. I'm sure many other " dissidents" are now too.

Courage, Voyageur! Keep on keeping on ...& ....thank you!

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Dr. Sun says he put his neck on the line, just like Joseph Mengele. Let's hope that one day he he will be hung by his neck until dead, along with Fauci and Gates and Trudeau and Macron and Adern and Boris Johnson, and we'll see if God has mercy on their souls.

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You are right.

Getting worse by the day.

No one in science or otherwise, at this point, can fathom the health damage this will have done to the young.

The damage will be for life.

Humanity is falling fast!

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I agree this is reprehensible, and Sun should face the full brunt of the law for putting these helpless beings at risk of death and injury. All victims should undergo free immune panel testing, d-dimer tests, and ongoing monitoring to determine if they have suffered long-term damage from his psychopathic virtue-injecting.

“then so should all medical doctors be in case of harm due to prescription of IVM or medical exemptions”

Agreed, only I don’t know of a single instance of harm caused by proper administration of these life-saving medications.

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“he still cannot inject infants prior to approval of these products.”

What’s to say “approval” of these products is even a valid justification for injecting them into anyone?

I do not trust these “approvers” who deem people as “eligible.”

I simply do not.

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May 28, 2022Liked by Jessica Rose

Last night I had a dream that Duke Kahanamoku held a heroes surfing contest. The contestants lined up on the beach included Tess Lawrie, Judy Mikovits, Sherry Tenpenny, Joseph Mercola, Mike Adams, Robert Malone, Dr. McCullough, Stephanie Seneff, Geert Vanden Bossche, Sucharit Bhakdi, Reiner Fuellmich, Ryan Cole, Bobby Kennedy, Ilana Rachel Daniel, Astrid Stuckelberger, Dr Hodgkinson, Dr. Vernon Coleman, etc, etc. As we waited suddenly a big wave crested on which we could see the legendary Duke surfing in on his longboard, and standing on his shoulders was Jessica Rose! When they came ashore the Duke said some words of appreciation for all the heroes and then he fired his starting pistol. It was glorious afternoon with big waves and everyone surfed well. Then the Duke announced that the winner in first place was Jessica Rose. While accepting a beautiful Kahala shirt from the Duke, Jessica said, "If I have seen farther it's because I stood on the shoulders of giants." Then the Duke announced the winner of the swimsuit competition, and Jessica won that too! Runners up were Ilana Daniel and Tess Lawrie. As the sun set everyone enjoyed a pig roast and a live concert by the Beachboys. Then my cat woke me from my slumbers.

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The saddest part of all this is the only place we will read this information is on substack. The number of people who do not know anything about the scamdemic is staggering. MSM has been so heavily bought by big pharma and certain globalists, that the main stream population has no idea what is taking place. The frustration of not being able to discuss the damages of lockdowns, masking and the dangerous experimental biologicals with anyone I know is depressing at times. I must keep reminding myself “no judging, stay compassionate”.

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May 28, 2022·edited May 28, 2022

There are so many things wrong with this. The worst is that they are conflating off label medication prescriptions, which is perfectly valid (for meds like ivermectin and yet has been banned!!), with injecting an experimental gene therapy into children!!! And Dr. Sun said most of the parents were doctors! This is so unbelievable I cannot even stand it.

Here’s the article from behind the wall https://web.archive.org/web/20220527151645/https://www.thestar.com/news/gta/2022/05/27/how-hundreds-of-kids-under-five-in-toronto-got-covid-vaccines.html

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EMERGENCY Use Authorization. Where's the fire? I mean, besides the grain silos and meat packing plants? By WHAT authority does the FDA have to declare an EMERGENCY? When Omicron is far milder than Delta, the majority of the population has immunity, thru natural immunity or enough shots to cause them to slosh as they walk? And what is the risk to children, let alone under the age of 5? Zero? This dachsund... I mean Doc Sun... is just another mindless troll, only worse because he is damaging his patients in the name of some unproven assertion of safety & efficacy, not claimed even by those who have been pushing those assertions down to age 5. He's a useful idiot with a medical license. And he's committing assault and, possibly, murder.

I know, it's all been said/asked before. And there is an agenda, whether the WEF's, the Pharm industry, the WHO, the head monster at the NIAID, or any combination of the above. They appear not to feel the need to justify ANY further attacks on our health and well-being. They are ahead of schedule and giddy with excitement and sense of purpose and we will own nothing and be happy (i.e. dead) and they will run it all. So they think.

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So, more dog & pony shows on 6-14 and 6-15 to provide justification/cover for rubber-stamping EUA modifications/amendments to jab children. Just as reprehensible as Dr. Sun...

Interesting read and comments at the bad cattitude substack:

FDA Official In Charge Of Evaluating New Drugs Hospitalized For ‘Mental Disorder’


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we have a rich history of this- parents being fined and going to prison in order to protect their children from being injured and killed by vaccines in Leicester in 1885, with the original and worst vac for smallpox . we think we have progressed but we haven't , lets hope the tide turns against the medical profession and the law again https://georgiedonny.substack.com/p/lets-hope-the-monkey-pox-nonsense?s=w

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I read somewhere (cannot recall source sorry) that Asians in California were vaxed at much higher percentages than other groups. Anecdotally I can say that Asian coworkers are vaxing their children at a higher rate than other groups. And they’re vocal about it, too.

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All of us need to take our resistance up notch. This campaign of poison injections has to be stopped.

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Where the hell do these 'doctors' come off, making their own decision on this 'vaccination'? "This is probably the worst thing I have seen"- that's a very good label for these 'incidents'.

Aside from the fact you can't sue the pharm companies, what about suing these 'doctors'? For what, I don't know, but I'm sure that there are SOME visible injuries, but even if NOT, you cannot allow this in a supposedly law abiding society.

This fries my hide!

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How much did he get paid for each injection? Your kid's rights to good health over my bank account seems to give the same result a little too often. There cannot be enough risk.

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Thanks, Jessica. Readers in Canada should take the matter up with the police and other relevant authorities.

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