I don't think I have ever seen such a dramatic and coordinated realisation of something that we all felt to be true as this over the last few days.

We have all had to say something


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Dec 27, 2022Liked by Jessica Rose

At first I thought only poor research and the push for $$$$. As investigators like you, Eugyppius, Ethical Skeptic, etc, etc, continue to point out the idiocy of policies and the ignored research it becomes more difficult to not think conspiratorially. As the research results get more frightening I get more confident that my wife and I (both 73 yr old) made the correct decision about these "vaccines." Thanks for continuing to push on all this. Once again the case is made for discontinuing these injections once again the signals are ignored.

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I read the arkmedic substack article yesterday and my heart sank.

THIS is why we needed long term safety studies relegated to a small group of subjects. These “vaccines” are genetic drugs, which previously required 8-10 years (or longer) of small group studies.

The hubris and sheer folly that have been at play here have unleashed a genie that is not going back into the bottle.

Jessica, as usual, you are on fire! Our warrior princess leading the battle bearing the sword and armor of Truth.

We need to send this information to our elected officials, State Surgeon Generals. NOW.

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Jessica, thank you for an amazing and in-depth post.

I also discussed this topic as immune tolerance is incredibly important:


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I fell for the hype early on and got two shots of Moderna. I'm hoping a strong course of hydroxychloroquine plus ivermectin plus recommended nutraceuticals at the very first sign of symptoms (ANY symptoms) will help my weakened immune system enough so I can coax a few more years of enjoying the grandchildren out of this old body. Meanwhile, if an in-the-streets rebellion pops up, count me in.

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Dec 27, 2022Liked by Jessica Rose

Excellent explanation - thank you

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Jessica ..there is a top medical data analyst in Germany : Florian Schilling. He speaks englisch perfectly but writes only in German language .

Maybe you have somebody who speaks German / or a translation Programme is useful .

Maybe a new topic to adress:


💉and bone problems :

Vaccinated individuals report increased musculoskeletal problems:

Joints: arthritis & osteoarthritis

Muscle, Ligaments & Tendons: Increased susceptibility to injury, poorer recovery and training effects

Bones: Increased fractures that heal worse

We take a look at the possible backgrounds & correlations in the video: What scientific findings are there on these and how could these findings be used for countermeasures, if necessary?

Translation deepL


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Dec 27, 2022·edited Dec 27, 2022

Thank you Jessica. I just sent to two top Cardiologists - Heart Failure specialists at Cleveland Clinic, OH and a top Oncologist/ Immunologist ( or he should be ) Cleveland Clinic OH, that works with them on their Amyloidosis Team Clinic. They are all still forcing the Bioweapon Injection on their patients last time I checked and teaching their Fellows, Interns and Residents to do the same. Most notably they are forcing their Heart Transplant patients, which surely is ironic given the prognosis of the Bioweapon Injection sequela! Their blinders are firmly in place, as firm as the Pfizer donations coming into the Cleveland Clinic Foundation and President, and the Doctors bimonthly payments to continue to coerce innocent victims.

Hopefully they will read your and others work on the new Amyloid formations that Dr. Ryan Cole etc. is seeing in Covid injection patients. At least before I send it to them. They should be very interested since this is their specialty and which, ironically again, they may be causing now with the experimental permanent gene editing Bioweapon injection.


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Bless you dear Jessica. Love your tenacious need to know and sharing truth!

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Powerful, Instructive, damning, a nice touch of humor and today so very comprehensive.. Joan of Arc is on Fire! mmmm Love it! I have learned more about the human immune system and the endless cascade of Poison Jab adverse reactions than I could have ever imagined 3 years ago. Thanks to you, Mercola, Geert, McCullough, and Alexander primarily.. Keep it Up Momma! Your work is one of my daily must reads!

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Dec 27, 2022Liked by Jessica Rose

Jessica: Shouldn't the second sentence of the third paragraph state: "These activities lead to 'decreased' clearance of viral pathogens"?

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In response to your parting question:

“Are these IgG4 antibodies capable of tolerizing in the context of our own proteins?“

On twitter I have seen a few people claim various obscure autoimmune issues improve after mRNA vaccination. I distinctly remember a pro-vaxx puff piece profile one such case. I’ll see if I can find it.

Separately, obese/diabetic/etc have worse outcomes with Covid (vaxxed or not). Could this be due to “leaky gut” and a resultant IgG4 elevated immune response?

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Is the rise in IgG4 sustained?

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DrBeen goes to great pains to emphasize that the study said it is only SPIKE-SPECIFIC IgG4 that increases. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bt8fcZmBVQw

Therefore any IgG4 related diseases that are not spike specific are not affected.

He does however minimize the importance of the spike-tolerizing effect by saying IgG1 is still present in large quantities, which might be a mistake since the graphs showed spike-specific IgG1 reduced in those who had 3 injections plus an infection.

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Very interesting. This is one where, in the words of many a paper, "further research is required". The issue of molecular mimicry (or as we used to say, cross-reactivity) is of course not a new concept, as it provides the mechanism for strep A causing rheumatic fever and subsequent cardiac damage. People have largely forgotten about this, because the causative strain of Strep A was replaced in the developed world by a non-immunogenic mutation. We see a similar process in SARS-CoV-2, where the initial configuration of the spike protein was highly immunogenic, while later mutations are less so.

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