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Thank you for posting this. I heard about this issue a while ago - it is far from news for those of us who have been following closely this debacle. Drs. Jessica Rose and Kevin McKernan have spoken of it and I have heard Dr. Phillip Buckhaults mentioned.

He is obviously excellent at what he does but I must admit I found it somewhat alarming that a) he gave this jab to his daughters at all and b) that he would consider another one (if free of DNA) at this stage of the pandemic! I also doubt that it saved any lives it I cannot really see how this can be proved either way.

He states that it is a great platform (the mRNA) and it might well be wonderful for cancer when you are dealing with sick people who maybe have few options but surely this doesn’t make it great platform to dole out en masse to healthy people including the young.

I doubt anything large scale will come of this hearing . Can you imagine the reaction if the general public find out that they may have this foreign DNA installed in their genome with no known way of removing it? What are we going to say to young people - please don’t reproduce as we have no idea what you might pass down to them.

All this demonstrates to me more than ever that we must never, ever, mandate any medical product again, especially something under an EAU.

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I had a bit of a shock this evening that I'll file under "Evolution of Excuses" because I see a definite pattern emerging. The background: I cover a region of Western Canada delivering groceries to major supermarkets. As a result I talk to staff, including managers, and I've made a habit of inquiring about various things, notably the shortage of staff. They are all shorthanded and have been since the "pandemic" (tm). At first it was "nobody wants to work because they got paid to stay home." Once the heat was off it became "ah, those young kids, too lazy to work." Some truth there. Next up was, "a lot of people are booking off sick. F'n slackers." Well, maybe in the past, but in these numbers? So tonight I raised the question with the young gal unloading my truck, and she freaked me out. She says: "Yeah, where did everybody go?" "Did they all die of Covid?"

I swear I'm not making this up. I also wonder if I shouldn't have replied with "that, or the vaccines" because I think that freaked her out. The conversation ended there, so take it for what you will.

You see the problem, right? People are starting to notice, but what do you tell them? What *can* you tell them? That the vaccine they took is going to kill them? I mean if they were freaked out enough to take the vaccine, then imagine the panic that sets in once they finally get the news. That's an awful lot of people right there. Maybe we should be thinking about the psychological impact of that future event, because surely it's coming.

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thank you Jessica for raising the discussion and awareness

Julian, Australia

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Although I strongly suspect intentional and deliberate biowarfare

It's just too far out there for most to agree with this

Because they don't understand the scope and capabilities of biological weapons

Most of what people know about is 80s or early 90s technology

If anything at all

That was thirty years ago

Nor do they want to believe it

Even if they did the research

But I still support anyone moving the message closer to

Hey, we have a problem

Let's do something about it

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I discuss the topic of Menticide on my podcast because if we think things are as they appear (ie: we needed these shots or else), then we miss the bigger picture.


What’s occurring is the power of narratives and the narrative of the vaccine looks to remain intact (ie: safe and effective)


Don’t know if the audience is spiritual or Christian based, but when we look into matters spiritually, we all need to become activated because this is spiritual warfare here. I discuss how Gnosticism - the mythical aspect of Christianity can be good here


PS: love how you call out that we’re free to disagree. Something so simple yet many have forgotten it 🙏🏾

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I cringe when doctors say this drug saves lives.

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This guy brags on his lab coming up with the Covid test. So he is egotistically tied to a false belief that the jabs had a positive effect in keeping people out of hospital. Covid tests are so ridiculous. I do like that he realizes a cancer risk but of course he minimizes it.

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It is a shame, besides explaining the scientific arm of the mRNA vaxxes, he also has to explain to the legislators how they should run their state health agencies, in order to provide safe medicines.

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He walks a fine line that I would guess will be seen as going over it to the dark side, i.e. the Vaccine is bad.

Upon reading the other comments about worker shortage, we can barely keep a decent staff, and the amount of "sick time" taken is staggering.

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I would volunteer to be sequenced since I had the Pfizer and got cancer soon after. I met dozens of people who got the same fairly unusual cancer right after the fax and all but 1 had Pfizer.

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I hope you will check VAERS for both infant/newborn cancers and rare genetic disease increases. Also for IUGR (growth restriction in-utero)

One family I know of: cancer diagnosed in baby in-utero two months before due date. Neuroblastoma on adrenal gland in the unborn child .

Mother is big believer in all vaccines and undoubtedly received every COVID booster shot. Unless physician filed it, this will not be in VAERS.

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Dear Dr. Rose, thx for sharing the presentation as well as the substack poster from SC. All of the presenters from the hearing are fascinating. I moved to SC from Michigan two years ago which is definitely a pro HHS, FDA, CDC state especially the political leaders and Universities. The SC Governor recently spoke about his anti mask anti lockdowns, and anti school closure sentiments. So glad to live here. Yet my physician is very pro injection. I share my own sentiments openly and refuse to comply with any pop up mask 'requirements' and actually just verbalizing it calmly seems to be effective here! Thanks for what you all are doing....because of you all, only about 7% will get the "cancer booster" now being pitched. Also, I have never gotten one injection and here I am still negative for antibodies. I take all the recommended vitamins and supplements, have no chronic conditions, and am 61. I work hard to be healthy and in great condition. My immune system takes care of me.

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I would urge people to watch this interview. https://drbine.substack.com/p/solari-special-report-future-science

I think Dr. Stebel raises some basic issues with the modRNA. Apart from the contamination with DNA, the whole modRNA stuff is beyond salvageable. Their codon optimization is nuts. The fact that there are multiple codons encoding for the same Aminoacids hints toward a mechanism which the idiocy of trying to "optimize" those codons completely neglects. It took millions of years for that equilibrium to establish. Different tissues have different concentrations of aminoacids, depending on what triplet is used the speed of the translation is different all those things lead to different folding of the resulting protein. So depending on what tissue you have your modRNA transfect, you may end up with different proteins! And then there is this whole N1- Pseudo-Uridine. If this stuff stays in the cell and is being reused in protein production, what does that do to the functionality of the cell?

And then there is more stuff to think about.


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He is a powerful speaker, I hope this gets the job done.

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Great vid - truly optimistic to lean toward INCOMPETENCE as opposed to MALICE, when any discussion addresses 'intent'. Some may consider that a stretch, in view of what we have experienced over the past couple of years. Let's hope some of the (very) Good Doctor's recommendations grow legs !

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HOW do you give experimental products to children? When the illness is a COLD?

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