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Taking every opportunity to discuss adverse events to the triple jabbed. I like to point out the utter failure of the experimental biologicals and encourage them to think twice about a fourth jab. Realised my 45 years as an RN, masters prepared Family Nurse Practitioner from UCLA, gave me the credentials to discuss these issues with others. They occasionally admit their concerns. It is a start. Thank you for all you are doing for all of us Dr. Rose. Great interview with Del Bigtree, another amazing person.

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Brah! You make too much sense. But seriously, this seems logical and it’s fairly palatable even for me...so why????wont the media discuss this aspect of the “cure?”

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You are on the “safe” side with your URF number. If my memory is correct, an Harvard study was more in the 64 range which I believe to be the truth.

When discussing with Canadian nurses working in Buffalo (NY) hospitals, all of them told me they were not allowed to do the reporting themselves and an administrative assistant who would do the reporting to the VAERS.

Some did question how would an administrative assistant be able to fill the forms without the help of the chief nurse and physician attached to their floor.

Answer from the GM was:

“…Nurses and doctors have better things to do than doing paperwork.”

But it seems administrative assistants had more urgent work to do like reporting deaths due to Covid and billing the health insurances and the state.

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Hi Jessica - FOI exchange with Medsafe (NZ regulator) on the same subject:

Dear Medsafe -

Please treat the following questions as official requests under New Zealand's freedom of information laws and regulations.


Adverse events for the Covid-19 vaccines in New Zealand are running at approximately 30 times the rate per dose compared with other vaccines. Medsafe report 147 post-vaccination deaths (as at 31JAN22) and 2,447 "serious" adverse events. The swine flu vaccine in the USA in 1976 was stopped after 25 reported deaths.

Question 1: What are Medsafe's stopping conditions for medicines in general, and for the Covid-19 vaccines in particular (in other words what is Medsafe's threshold of reported deaths, disablements and other harms beyond which Medsafe's approval would be withdrawn)?

MEDSAFE'S REPLY: As more than 90 percent of the people in New Zealand over the age of 12 have now received at least one dose of the Comirnaty vaccine, there is a high probability that anyone who dies in New Zealand will have been vaccinated. This does not mean that their death is caused by or related to the vaccine. To date, the observed number of deaths reported after vaccination is actually less than the expected number of natural deaths. The Centre for Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM) at the University of Otago undertakes pharmacovigilance in New Zealand under contract to the Ministry.

Please note that you have quoted 147 post-vaccination deaths. However, as clearly stated in the safety report, this is the total number of fatal reports to CARM. Following medical assessments by CARM and Medsafe, the number of deaths linked to vaccination is currently 2. This is publicly available at:www.medsafe.govt.nz/COVID-19/safety-report-40.asp.

Medsafe’s approval of any medicine is based on the expected benefits versus the potential risks of side effects, taking into account the seriousness of the condition being treated and the availability of other treatments.

The following links may also be useful to you:

Information regarding the approval process of the vaccine: www.medsafe.govt.nz/COVID-19/vaccine-approval-process.asp.

Information regarding the efficacy and safety of the vaccine: www.health.govt.nz/our-work/diseases-and-conditions/covid-19-novel-coronavirus/covid-19-health-advice-public/about-covid-19/covid-19-about-delta-variant.

The Comirnaty data sheet: www.medsafe.govt.nz/profs/Datasheet/c/comirnatyinj.pdf.

The Comirnaty Consumer Medicine Information summary:www.medsafe.govt.nz/Consumers/cmi/c/comirnaty.pdf.


All researchers into the subject say that vaccination adverse events to voluntary databases are under-reported. However, the researchers vary widely in their estimates of the under-reporting factor (URF). I understand that Medsafe has previously said that around 5% of vaccination adverse events are reported.

Question 2: What are Medsafe's estimates for the under-reporting of adverse events to CARM for vaccinations in general, and for the Covid-19 vaccinations in particular (and on what evidence are these estimates based)?

MEDSAFE'S REPLY: This part of your request refers to a Prescriber Update article from 2001 available here: www.medsafe.govt.nz/profs/PUArticles/ADRreport.htm. The webpage clearly states that this article is out of date. Reporting rate is not fixed and depends on a number of factors including the type of reaction, how easy it is to report, and publicity about reporting.

It is not necessary to receive a report for every adverse event that occurs after vaccination. The aim of pharmacovigilance is to detect new safety concerns or a change to existing known reactions. Therefore, for common events like headaches that are known side effects, receiving a report for every occurrence does not help us detect new side effects.


Autopsies have been helpful overseas in determining whether deaths were caused by Covid-19 vaccinations, and through what mechanisms.

Question 3: How many autopsies has Medsafe been party to for the 147 [deaths] reported post-Covid-19 vaccination, and what did these autopsies show?

Question 4: How many of the above autopsies included histopathology (microscopic examination of blood, organs and other body tissue), and what did these results show?

Question 5: How many autopsies has Medsafe asked to be carried out in relation to the 147 reported post-Covid-19 vaccination deaths, and to what protocols?

MEDSAFE'S REPLY: Medsafe does not perform autopsies. Cause of death is investigated and determined by the coroner, not by CARM or Medsafe. Information about the coronial process is publicly available at: www.coronialservices.justice.govt.nz/home-2/.

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I am tipsy so look forward to reading this tomorrow. My pressing question is who influenced you Astro or Scooby?! I wish I could post some outlandish 'science' I just absorbed from a meeting for folks with immunodeficiency but frankly it would make everyone puke faster than activated charcoal. The wine got me through. I come here for science and I go there to gauge where the train wreck is headed. It is headed right off the rails as it makes Walenskiy appear brilliant. Another thanks for your work and the commenters insight too.

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You were so good on the Highwire - I think Del must've had too much coffee; never seen him interrupt so much - you pushed on through though. Great stuff. Well done. (I was shouting at him to pipe down, lol.) I hope you're on there more often. They need your input and people are hungry for clear, evidence based information.

Bit off-topic(ish) this 2min video was played during the Corona Committee today, re insurance not paying out: https://rumble.com/vyf5vl-aflds-dr.-peterson-pierre-m.d.-talks-about-life-insurance-and-covid-vaccine.html

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I love how SAFE, EFFECTIVE, PANDEMIC and VACCINE are all airy fairy concepts. We are forced to assume a true meaning if we are not given the context. I imagine this is done on purpose. NLP/hypnosis comes to mind.

Eg PANDEMIC = Wide spread disease or infection. Our minds associate the word pandemic with Spanish influenza, black death/bubonic plague or polio. Horrid illnesses. But by definition the common cold in its various forms, are also widespread infections. Like a tornado, hurricane or earthquake, which have a scale or magnitude to associate the damage potential, we have nothing of this type for PANDEMIC. So we are forced to assume.

VACCINE = A substance, usually injected to create or stimulate immunity to a pathogen. And the unconscious association we have with modern medicine, successful eradication of smallpox, prevention of disease etc. But there is a massive assumption many are collectively leaping to. Not all vaccines are the same and not all vaccines have been successful. Many are scrapped before wide release. Many have failed or created significant harm.

*Cutter incident and the Polio vaccine

*1970s Swine flu vaccine

*Gulf War Anthrax vaccine.

But collectively, many just assume they mean the good ones, the ones that work. If it was reversed or inverted, it is somewhat akin to bigotry, racism, homophobia.

Some Muslims have extremist views. Do all Muslims have extremist views?

Some black people live in poverty. Do all black people live in poverty?

Some white men molest children. Do all white men molest children?

Some vaccines were successful. Are all vaccines therefore successful?

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this is exactly what I wanted find out about, thanks so much!!! The charts that show the big jump in VAERS adverse events were always alarming, but hard to quantify because of all the different types of vaccine and also the majority of them in the U.S. going to children, but this is a true apples to apples comparison.

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Enjoyed seeing you on the Highwire! Wonderful interview

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"Do some pausation. Make a wellness station. In your nation. Fill it with creation. Curb devastation. Grow the thinking population."

Cease jab adulation. Spread good information. To Lefties extend invitations. It's time to change their orientation.

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Nice job on the video! Nice poise and patience too.. with Del that is, he was a little too interrupting.. but he's got passion for ferreting out the truth.. so you stay on message like the Joan of Arc for scientific excellence that you are!!

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Hi Jessica,

I enjoyed your interview with Del Bigtree on The High Wire. However, after reading your subsequent post of March 29 I wrote a response to share a somewhat similar experience I had during a visit to Israel (though long ago), but before I could post it, I believe you locked out comments. Thus I am copying my response, which I hope you will see as showing empathy, to the comment section of this previous post. Here is my comment:

I am sorry to hear that you had to deal with the stress of belligerent official confrontation that I fear will increasingly epitomize the 21st century as the PTB erode our personal freedoms. As many have stated, Covid-1984 has accelerated the global descent into digital-ID totalitarianism, falsely glorified for the gullible majority by the WEF vision of the future.

I may have some understanding of how you felt during the experience. Your story reminds me of my detention by Israeli authorities during a visit to Israeli-occupied Gaza way back in 1985 near the beginning of a 13-month backpacking adventure around Asia. By complete accident I had taken a prohibited photo – the image included part of a former hotel that I did not realize had been converted into an Israeli military headquarters. I would like to be able to say that I demanded to see their ID and that I courageously refused to answer their questions, but unlike you I was so intimidated and shaken by the arrest that I handed over my passport without hesitation and answered every question I was asked, feeling I admit an increased desire to pee. The only thing I can be at least a little proud of is that, in those days of film, I refused to hand over the film from my camera, even though of course they assured me they would properly develop it, etc. etc. They used the classic “good cop, bad cop” routine to encourage me to voluntarily give them my film, but to be fair they did not resort to physical or excessive psychological force. I was only detained for about 2 hours, long hours nonetheless, during which they claimed they did a security check on me, including contacting the Canadian embassy, after which I was released, with my camera and film, and told to get out of Gaza. However, I had just arrived, with an agenda, so I stayed an additional two days which included notably an individual tour of a Palestinian refugee camp led by a Palestinian UNHCR worker (during which of course I took numerous photos).

Although now I am retired, at the time I was a high school Geography teacher here in Ontario specializing in the senior World Issues course so the primary focus of my leave-of-absence travels in 1985-86 was to learn about and capture images related to the issues in the course curriculum, especially geopolitical issues. I have to admit that subsequently I was detained, relatively briefly, on 3 other occasions in 3 other countries, also for taking prohibited photos, and in every case – all of them rather stressful at the time – I somehow managed to avoid film confiscation. Yes, I was young and perhaps foolish, but lucky I would say, and after the trip when I returned to the classroom and showed the slides to my students and told the stories that accompanied them (which they loved to hear), I felt it was worth the stress I had endured. I like to claim it was character-building.

Since I have the opportunity, I wish to express my gratitude to you for your intelligence, your critical thinking skills, your humour, your energy, your optimism, your willingness to share your knowledge and insights, and most of all for your courage to stand up for moral principles and the truth in these sometimes lonely and all-too-often dark days.

For the abuse and alienation we who understand have to endure, may the light of truth and freedom be our ultimate reward.

Thank you Jessica. Cheers to you!

Robert Haskett

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I believe you made a math error in calculating the 2.9% death rate. You used the number of clinical trial participants (approx. 42,000) as the denominator. The data chart that showed approx 1200 deaths that you used was for the first 90 day period of mass vaccination. The number of actual doses given in that first 90 days has been redacted from the Pfizer documents. We don't know the true number because that would allow us to calculate the death rate. Obviously something that Pfizer and the FDA don't want us to know.

If you use the reported deaths in the clinical trials, which I believe to be either 20 or 21 (please check me because apparently you have to manually add the deaths from the unblinded placebo subjects who crossed over) and then use the 42,000 as the denominator, the result would be 20/42,000= .00047 which equals 0.047%. That's still a significant number since I calculated my personal risk of dying from covid in March 2020 to be 0.02% based on age, race and sex. I was then a 68 yr. old, white female. As a comparison, my risk of death from the vaccine was then more than twice as much as my risk of death from the infection. The stuff they don't tell you!!

Please correct me if I am wrong.

One of the interesting data numbers is Table 1 of the NEJM publication on the Pfizer trials. It shows that only 10 people got serious covid out of 42,000. We vaccinated billions based on 10 cases of serious disease. Whoops?!!

An interesting math question that I have seen several versions of is: Where did the 95% efficacy rate come from in the Pfizer trials? Is it a real or absolute rate? Could you do an article about it without any personal commentary so that I can use it when lobbying elected officials?? Thanks

Oh and could you do an article destroying the myth that the Pfizer trials of children showed 95% efficacy ? My understanding is that the trials were so underpowered that they yielded virtually no data. Forgive me if you have already done these articles. I discovered that several of your posts went into my spam box so I may have missed them.

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We the informed


2 min ago

The disease for profit movement have labelled us Anti Vaxxers, neo nazi’s, misogynists, ultra right. By inference in Canada at least unworthy parents, by extension child abusers etc…

In fact we are none of those things. We are “the informed”. We have taken the time to learn and we have made fact based science based decisions. We have become “informed”

Please spread this around the chat/posting rooms(?). They may refer to us with the hate speech of their choice but we call ourselves by our true identity “The Informed”

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Jessica Jessica are you okay? Please update us when you can. I am sending thoughts to all scientists around the world.

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