Ho ho hmm 🤔

Thanks for your meticulous attention to detail, Jessica. This is how science is done. Let’s hope the authors respond to your valuable observations.

Oh, and merry Christmas Eve 🎄

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Ho ho no...

The scientific method was not followed. There were no controls. "Spike proteins" were not isolated. Full stop.

Margaret, I'm really surprised that you've essentially "rubber stamped" this "study" without acknowledging the lack of controls. It doesn't make sense.

This is not complicated. 81 "long covid" blood samples were "digested" with trypsin and then processed and analyzed with “SANIST” mass spectrometry.

The scientists did NOT do this exact same process to blood samples which did NOT have "long COVID". (Control Group).

Furthermore, "Spike Proteins" were NEVER isolated. "Tryptic fragments" were detected, which the scientists are unscientifically claiming are part of this magical "spike protein".

Let's hope the authors talk about this blatant lack of a control group in their response to Jessica, because as it stands, this "research paper" stinks worse than last night's expired eggnog. The Italian taxpayers were ripped off.

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I'm not sure where you got the idea that I "rubber stamped" this study, Boostershots. I was applauding Jessica for vetting it and posing questions to the authors. I have not had a chance to review it myself but am always happy to see scientists holding one another to the highest standards, which was the point of my comment.

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I got the "idea" from this very bold statement:

"This is how science is done."

While I now understand that you were specifically referring to Jessica's "vetting" of the study, (rather than the study itself), I'm still not seeing any "science being done" on Jessica's behalf. Her "vetting process" should not be applauded, because it absolutely does not "hold these scientists to the highest standards."

They did not follow the scientific method, they did not use controls, and they did not isolate the spike protein.

Margaret, you're a very influential Substack author. Your top voted comment will inevitably read by a lot of people. Therefore, it acts like a "rubber stamp" of approval by default.

It's got that "I'm MAA, and I approve this message" kind of vibe to it.

That's just my opinion.

"Germ theory" is a total fraud on multiple levels. More and more people are waking up to this most powerful hidden truth.

I've always loved reading Unacceptable Jessica and Through the Looking Glass, (so I'd certainly LOVE to see either one of you write more about this topic)...a lot of people would.

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Glad we got that cleared up, Boostershots, and like I said, I have not examined this study and appreciate the shortcomings you’ve pointed out—perhaps Jessica will address those in a followup post.

While her critique may not be as comprehensive as you would have liked, I think it’s important to encourage the practice of pointing out flaws in a study to a) guard against the cognitive in-group bias that leads many to automatically accept a study because it aligns with their preconceived notions and b) correct errors that may later be wielded against us by those seeking to discredit our position by association with faulty studies.

I need to get busy baking and wrapping presents so will just thank you for your attention to detail and wish you a merry Christmas :-)

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Dec 25, 2023·edited Dec 25, 2023

yeah, too bad Pharma, the CDC, and the FDA aren't running their own well designed, not-stinky trials. You know, like the fraudulent trials Pfizer ran to get their jabs approved, the trials where they eliminated those like Maddie De Garay who had severe reactions. It is not our responsibility to run trails, it was Pfizer's, so of course they cheated.

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

"the onus in NOT ON US to show proof on integration - even though we are the ones generating the studies - it is on the manufacturers, the regulatory bodies, the governments, the 3-letter agencies - absolutely who maintain the current CDC claim that “[The modified mRNA products] do not affect or interact with our DNA.”"

Well, to at least design an experiment that we agree would verify this. I don't trust them to run it or report the results accurately.

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Isn't the whole point of mRNA injections to cause an affect to DNA???

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No, only retroviruses impact DNA directly, or so we thought. Regular RNA viruses like Covid directly commandeer the protein-making machinery of the cell without checking in with the nucleus for instructions first.

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How quickly we forget the fallout from the fact our regulatory agencies are bought-and-paid-for REGULATEES of Pfizer. Had the FDA done its job in early 2021, we would have ended the EUA and withdrawn the death jabs as were previous failed experimental jabs.


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Yeah, you have no idea how adverse events are collected and assessed, do you.

They start off with the presumption that every single negative event that happens to take place after the vax is potentially caused by it. That's that 1,223 number of deaths from your linked article. The key phrase from the article is "regardless of causality assessment."

Then they start ruling out the ones with other more plausible explanations. And keep ruling them out until there are no other more plausible explanations, and look at what's left. Do that, and there are very few deaths left, if any. But there are usually a few.

Here's the thing - "Couldn't rule it out as a cause" is very, very different than "Caused it". Because not every single event is explainable, and not even every single pattern of events is explainable.

And it's very, very easy for someone lacking a full understanding of the process to get a glimpse of it and conclude "OMIGOD 1,223 HORRIBLE THINGS CAUSED BY THE VAX". That's what happened with that article. And the media played a role, too. They seized on the most sensational part of it and blew it up, without blowing up the context for the number. More sensational that way, you see.

I'm a biologist, but more to the point I'm one of the rare ones who is skeptical of vaccine protocols. I don't always assume that they're right. I understand the imperfections of the process, and because I no longer work in the field I am free to speak my mind about it.

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Bollox. "Couldn't rule it out as a cause" is incomplete, and should read "..despite our very best efforts to do so, including fuckery with the figures, bribing the officials, obscuring or withholding the data and other shady shit."

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Eh, that's certainly possible with higher-ups who are trying to max out their bonuses, but the epidemiologists doing the actual assessments are just ordinary people with ordinary biases. They wouldn't be messing with the analysis that much.

As far as the high-ups, I am not too worried about the degree of fuckery on their part IN THIS PARTICULAR CASE. The reason is that, that kind of fuckery usually happens for 2 reasons:

1) They are worried that their new vaccine/drug won't get approved, resulting in massive losses of $$$, and/or

2) They're worried they'll get sued by victims of adverse events not attributable to other causes, resulting in massive losses of $$$.

Regarding #1, this wasn't an oxycontin or thalidomide-type of situation. They were getting massive funding from governments who were waiting with their hands out for the product. The regulators were already convinced. They knew that the risks would be accepted, because the benefits were so high.

Regarding #2, the governments have given them protection from liability, and massive amounts of guaranteed money. There is just very little for them to worry about.

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And I suppose you believe we must shut down the world to save it from fossil fuels! Funny how those who believe there's no connection with a 20% rise in all-cause mortality and those sweet, innocent vaccinations are the FIRST to scream Global Warming is caused by CO2 when there is no serious independent study correlating the two! This impossible mortality deviation surely caused by global warning, right?

But the death jabs...NO WAY JOSE they could be responsible for the immediate spike in all-cause mortality.

Hey, Dorothy, you're not in Kansas anymore!

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Lol, no. Not interested in global warming whattabouting. But FWIW, I partially agree with you.

Of course there was a jump in all-cause mortality. Number 1, it's hard to get tested for or treated for other illnesses when the hospitals are full of Covid patients and the waiting lists for everything else are pages long. Number 2, Covid is a nasty-ass disease that messes with the body in ways we still don't fully understand and likely has contributed to deaths by other causes.

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

1. Two weeks to flatten the curve – 2. Overburdened hospitals

3. We will be transparent – 4. Safe and effective – 5. Thoroughly tested

6. 95% protection – 7. 70% protection – 8. 50% protection

9. No protection, but reduced the spread - 10. Doesn’t reduce the spread, but reduces severity

11. Doesn’t reduce severity, but reduces hospitalizations

12. Doesn’t reduce hospitalizations, but you aren’t going to die

13. Whatever it is, it certainly isn’t the…

14. The most rigorous production supervision, contamination impossible.

15. Contaminated, but not dangerous. - 16. Won’t integrate with human DNA.

17. May integrate, but no danger. - 18. Integrates with human DNA, some say.

19. Integrates with human DNA.

What comes next?

a) Will replace your DNA and make you stronger.

b) Will not affect your health, who knows.

c) Will certainly improve your immune response, boosters not needed any more (if you survive long enough).

d) Will integrate with your DNA, and the DNA that won’t integrate will be flushed from your body.

Vote, please. Remember, it will have zero effect on what will happen to you, but the manufacturers will have a lot of fun reading the results.

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Comment deleted
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In case you haven’t noticed so far… the disintegration of the healthcare system initiated at the end of 2019 has made everyone of us a living island, except those who are rich enough to buy islands. Maybe you are embedded well in the structures and do not care about it.

Since you have certainly not noticed… all the above points are copied from official statements of - who would guess - health care institutions and regulators. So, it’s not me looking for anything. All these statements were or still are repeated openly right in your face. Maybe you don’t want to listen to them, who knows.

I don’t really see how your comment would help me. Maybe you are not one of those who are trying to help. Or who don’t care to ask others what they mean.

The clue of my comment is different from your expectations. We are celebrating the fourth anniversary of causing the wildest destruction of the functioning of the society ever. No end in sight. Actually, recent reports from a number of countries indicate that we may only be in the early days of real anti-social developments provided courtesy of everybody knows. Yet…

Great researchers, truly brilliant scientists and unique real experts in the medical field continue to play with random data and spend a lot of precious time on reverse engineering the “spike package”. These are people with extreme knowledge, acute awareness of problems, and deep understanding of how the human body functions on the biochemical level. And yet…

None of them has approached the manufacturer directly with a simple demand: release the complete documentation of all your work on the spike package now. You may be sure that their documentation holds all that is needed to understand this crisis and (hopefully) stop it or maybe even reverse the injuries. Why hasn’t anyone asked for it? Why waste energy on X-Files style investigations when all the needed information is just a few blocks away?

If you doubt whether the manufacturer has such documentation… why would they request 75 years of silence?

Unless one person gathers courage to demand this documentation, we will continue discovering and rediscovering multitude of complex biochemical processes ad infinitum, with no idea where is the end of the story, if at all. And - sorry to disappoint such eager comment makers - only a professional with deep understanding of the subject may be this person. Not you, not me, not 99.9999% of the population.

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THIS!!! brilliant analysis. If I could only upvote 1M times!!

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One vote is generous enough. I am glad that you find it helpful.

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Absolutely!! resonated throughout my mind, heart & spirit.

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Scuse, is this not what ICAN did via Aaron Siri? Then Dr Naomi Wolfe's 3,500 people stepped in, The Daily Clout? Or I've missed something? 🙏

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I'm guessing you're in Britain. True? I'm in US.

If so, 50% of our quarrel is because of the messaging differences between the respective countries' governments, so I'll hold off replying further and go back and edit if you are Brit.

As far as 75 years - the info is full of their proprietary research so they want to to keep it that way as long as they can, naturally. But I am happy to agree that there's probably some apprehension about feeding the anti-vaxxer narrative as well.

One thing conspiracy theorists seem not to get, is that often there are quite aboveboard and intentionally organized efforts to oppose yours, because your opponents see how much damage you do to society.

To a criminal, a law-enforcement investigation is a "conspiracy". To a promoter of conspiracy theory and misinformation, a counter-misinformation campaign is a "conspiracy".

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As I see it, all misunderstandings between people come from a) not hearing or not trying to understand what the other party has to say, b) pushing one’s own thoughts and ideas as mandatory for everybody except selected exempt figures perceived as “authorities”.

You’ve gone through serious reading and learning, spent a lot of time, and you slowly build your own private vision how this or that is “in reality”. Then you come across a different take, and it doesn’t fit your own findings. So what? A different person has different conclusions. Why would you get excited or offended about it?

Why do you feel the need to teach that person a lesson? Because you know, and you know better? So what? Maybe other people know different, are wrong, and are happy about their findings? Maybe they need to go through a maze to finally find out how to reach their own conclusions?

A safe assumption is that you _never_ know what the other party is thinking. Which is always true, by the way. When things are aligned, we happily glide on presumed understanding and the next second verifies it, then we adjust and go on.

It’s a different thing when you want to pick up a fight. You read a sentence or two, and you want to pour out your unverified accusations on the other. You don’t even know why that person wrote what they wrote. But the best part is when other comment makers take your side and join to destroy the “offender”. You get followers, and this false support makes you feel you were right. And you don’t even know the other person, you have never met, you have no idea about their style of expression, use of synonyms, satire or jokes to make the point. Why? Because a different person sees things in a different way? Really?

That’s the mechanism. No reason to see it as a quarrel or to feel bad in any way.

Why didn’t you look at my post? 192 words, structured, balanced, non-emotional, not targeting anybody, all in a logical sequence, finished with a predicted and exaggerated multiple choice and a closing thought.

Don’t you think somebody had to spend some time to work out a form of conveying a deeper message? You haven’t stopped for a second to analyze what you’ve read. Then, the reaction.

I didn’t want any reaction. Comments are there to stay. You have all the time you need to read, think over, re-read, reconsider, draw conclusions, ask, research, whatever you want. They are not there to justify snapping at others.

Substack like Jessica’s are a great learning place for everyone. They have a certain tone, and respect is a major part of it. I hesitated a moment before posting my comment, because it may appear out of context. But then I thought, Jessica is so committed to trying to find out answers to all these questions, and she spends a lot of time at the screen, all for us, readers. It’s so easy to get entangled in details, base pairs and stuff - doing the work that they certainly have done and refused to share. And we all forget the bigger picture. Four years of life lost, no way to recover it, no way to make up for it. And this thing continues, and we are sinking deeper and deeper in minute biochemical details. “Adding a short comment on this bigger picture might be inspirational for some,” I though, and off it went.

I stand by my motivation. Keeping this bigger picture alongside current developments is the key to remain sane. Sanity includes meaningful and constructive communication. We are losing this skill.

Thank you for the inspiration. Let’s both hope that our exchange will also inspire others.

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I'll take that as a Yes.

Sometimes its discussion. Sometimes it's a war of words.

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Discussion comes first. We’ve got enough wars.

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

"You will not get this virus if you get this shot. You can not pass this virus to another if you get this shot. Wear your mask and never catch this virus. There are no serious complications with this shot. Most of these are mild cases of myocarditis. We just can't figure out what is causing these deaths." So many "facts" spouted by media and people we once thought were honest, knowledgeable scientists. All proven wrong. Why should we expect the CDC to be any different??!

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"You will not get this virus if you get this shot." They were correct. The vax gave us the RNA for the spike proteins, not the whole virus.

"You can not pass this virus to another if you get this shot." Nope, they didn't say that. They were more circumspect. Some of the media idiots interpreting them for the public said things very close to this though.

"Wear your mask and never catch this virus." No, they didn't say that either. They said it cuts way down on transmission. They explained over and over that everyone needed to wear their mask for it to work for everyone.

"There are no serious complications with this shot." They didn't say that either.

"Most of these are mild cases of myocarditis." Yes, that was true.

"We just can't figure out what is causing these deaths." What deaths? From myocarditis? be specific, provide a link.

So many "facts" spouted by media and people we once thought were honest, knowledgeable scientists. All proven wrong." As for the media, we all should know better to trust a reporter to accurately translate public health information given by a scientist. As for the CDC, they gave us the best information they had at the time (with one notable exception), and told us it was the best information available at the time. When that changed, they explained why it changed. You threw a tantrum when it changed, because you were looking already for an excuse not to do what they were asking. You were like a spoiled little kid, a selfish, anti-social fucknut who just didn't want to pitch in to help everyone. "NO ONE's going to tell ME what to do!" Was your attitude. So, so anti-social. No wonder the lefties wanted to banish you.

"Why should we expect the CDC to be any different??!" They're not. You just refuse to try understand, and prefer to stay in the corner holding your breath like a 5-year-old. You're a fucking embarrassment to the rest of us who DON'T have a massive chip on our shoulder.

People who think they know better than the experts are one thing. People who think they know better without any reason to expect that they would know any better are even worse.

You're one of the worse ones.

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"You can not pass this virus to another if you get this shot." Nope, they didn't say that. "There are no serious complications with this shot." They didn't say that either.

Seriously? Your claims are, I am sorry, pretty laughable, ignorant and denying what did happen and what was actually stated by many media all over the world. Scary to see how people like yourself are trying to make up a whole new reality (and past history).

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Yeah, he/she seems a shill here to gaslight.

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You're confusing what people actually said with what the guy you follow on the Internet said about what someone else said about what the media said about what the original person said. You've played the game of Telephone before, right?

Give us a link to an original quote. Should be easy if you were right, correct?

I'm going to offer you an olive leaf, because while you're incorrect on the wording, you're not incorrect on the general sentiment. They didn't think they could be so much transmission from healthy or asymptomatic people, because they were comparing it to previous pandemics rather than comparing it to previous coronaviruses. So they made an incorrect assumption. It happens with new illnesses.

They didn't think they could be so much transmission from vaccinated people because they were making assumptions based on other vaccinated illnesses. This was the first vaccine for a coronavirus. Their assumptions turned out to be inaccurate. Again, it happens. Hindsight is 20/20.

The question I think you need to ask yourself is, is all this a good reason to stop listening to them altogether?

As far as the complications, they knew about and published information about the myocarditis from the trials. It's a potentially serious complication. Other complications have been revealed only after the vaccines have been in use for awhile.

I think what it comes down to is, the process is far from perfect, and if you are claiming that it should be then you're probably just looking for excuses to reject everything they're saying and just do your own selfish thing.

That doesn't work in a society. We have to help each other out, including doing things like masking sometimes even when it doesn't benefit us directly.

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[However, in public, Walensky was saying something quite different. Two months after discussing this data, she said (https://www.businessinsider.com/cdc-director-data-vaccinated-people-do-not-carry-covid-19-2021-3?r=US&IR=T) vaccinated people “don’t carry the virus” and “don’t get sick.” In a congressional hearing (https://twitter.com/michaelpsenger/status/1668669558054600708), after it became clear people were able to get infected with COVID even after receiving the vaccine, she defended her original statements by claiming it was true at the time she said it — namely, for the strands we were dealing with in early 2021. ]

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Yes! That's what I said to my shocked self when I saw the local high school track team running with masks on.

"Even when it doesn't benefit ANYONE directly."

And by the way, mask up all you like, and believe whatever you like about it. But no mandates please.

And they DID say "Safe and Effective".

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Please don't tell me that this is controversial to you because you really thought that "safe" meant 100.000% safe for every single person.

Epidemiology and public health policy decisions are based on what is the most benefit for the population as a whole.

Masks probably are less effective when someone is breathing hard. But that factor side, were they running indoors or outdoors?

If indoors, yes they were benefiting the adults in the school especially the older ones who are much more vulnerable to Covid than the students.

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With all due respect, Hazel-rah, that is all just complete nonsense.

And it's all based on a huge criminal lie.

Wear all the masks you want - but they are lying liars.

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

Thank you Jessica. I believe leaving the responsibility of the testing to the government will result in no testing at all. They don’t seem motivated to do so. I would pay to have the test if I could find somewhere here in Canada where it could be done and they had the specific no how. I believe if the governments don’t sanction them there isn’t a way to have them done through the system. If you know of any lab here in Canada I could get this done I’d do it, even at my cost. This is all so ridiculous.

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One of the problems with DNA integration is it's a random cell-by-cell process. At some point the GMO cells that form from dDNA integration may have a conflict with the normal cells, causing an immune response. The danger is proportional to how many such defective cells form, as the result of the immune response will resemble some autoimmune disorder (e.g. Lupus erythematosis) in which the body appears to be attacking itself. So it's not as simple as performing one lab test to see if a random selection of some of your cells were modified by the vaxx. We'd need to understand the entire mechanism of the modification to know which organs and tissues might be affected.

In summary this was a massive game of Russian roulette. Some of us got very sick or died, reacting to the E coli medium used to amplify the mRNA. And these studies Jessica has cited, point up a possible immune defect caused by the mRNA vaxx, that results in long COVID. A lot of people got the vaxx and survived, then caught COVID, now have natural immunity and seem normal. But what is evident is that "First, do no harm" was NOT a guiding principle of any of the players.

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Sorry, I meant know how.

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

A beautiful demonstration of scientists looking at each others work and adding to the mix. 👏👏👏 Here's why you're a super surfer too - balanced in mind and body! I'll leave you with the Spirit of Christmas/Solstice/the wheel of the year! Blessings and blessed be 🙏 one and all.

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to you as well. Merry Christmas and a lovely pre-New Year's Week!!

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

The time between conspiracy theory and conspiracy reality keeps getting shorter and shorter, eh?

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

Would've been nice to know at least some of this before they foisted it on the entire population of the planet. Sometimes what isn't done is more important than what they did do.

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Your science is way over my head, Jessica, but I'm so thankful you share it with us regardless. As a safety guy for a Candian trucking company I knew something was obviously wrong right from the start and told the owners that the OSHA respirators I fit for our drivers will protect them from toxic chemical fumes on the job, but not covid. So the medical masks were useless. They never mandated the vax but the majority of our drivers took it to cross the border and keep their jobs. We won the most coveted US safety award for 2022 in the over 15 million miles category, but this year our at fault accident rate increased by almost 50% !! That is anecdotal and therefore not scientific per sa, but nevertheless does correlate to the high profile problem pilots (and athletes and musicians and actors and...) are presently having 2+ years after the fact. Makes me feel so helpless. And angry. But thank you for all you do because I'd rather know what we're up against than pretend it doesn't exist. So yes, Merry Christmas, ho ho ho... 🎅

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I agree, feelings of helplessness watching it unfold. What can we do? Little I guess. What can we prepare for, and how? It's way more than food, water, supplies shortages... societal breakdown? 😕

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

We need to dissect facts, always. It's part of the conversation.

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

Thanks for all your hard work and research. Have a good Christmas 🎅🏽

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Grateful for you , Merry Christmas 🎄

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

I was just wondering, about ten minutes ago, “What has Jessica been working on?”

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

Mele Kalikimaka!

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Jessica transcendent as ever thanks. Charles Kovess and Stephen Frost's very clever group (email charles@kovess.com to join and see past meetings at https://rumble.com/user/cbkovess) are among many suggesting that we must factor radiation/EMF into the inquiries and legal actions. It's all (certainly IMHO eugenically driven) an interference and meddling with our natural human energies that pre-dates covid and the 'vaccinations'. Being an optimist, and one who disbelieves human constructs of time, space, light, gravity, etc. I believe we won this before it began. We are plasma not atoms, and there are infinitely more powerful forces ensuring that love wins, as a permanently connected state of oneness, which dwarfs our conditioned beliefs of 'realities'. That said, in the 'human alive version of reality', you are among the most brilliant sparkling Angels on Earth, thank you.

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I can't decide what's more frustrating, the increasing horrors of these "vaccines" or the continued denial and willful blindness of so many.

If you, like me, may find yourself talking about this stuff at the Christmas table, here are some psychological methods to pierce the conditioning... https://eccentrik.substack.com/p/5-scientific-reasons-your-vaccinated

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Dec 24, 2023Liked by Jessica Rose

👏👏👏👏💯👍🎩🎩 yup. Frankly, I agree with you Jess re the integration issue as needing to be crystal clear, but personally the in vitro May paper you mention, is disturbing enough to me, and matches the global patterns seen in injuries that my gut tells me it's occurring. That and given the numbers we are talking re probability odds, and mother nature's penchant for "making do" when deviations from her intelligent and meticulous plans occur🤔🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

But your right, intuition is not conventionally accepted proof of integration.

The issue of getting governments around the world to acknowledge and move on this, science research wise, is the stumbling block. I think, like the nanopathology issues, it's going to need citizen science to fill in the gaps.😐😐🤨

And they are going to need peeps with know how to guide them.😐🤔🤨😉

Merry Christmas, think you may have earn t the hot seat😉🤗

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Do a shamanic journey and you'll see clearly.....not good either 🙁

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