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I was permanently suspended from Twitter yesterday. The offensive tweet that was the nail in my Twitter coffin was 100% truth. It was about Biden testing positive for Covid the second time and how that proves that the vaccine, Paxlovid, and big Pharma are all a scam. You’re not allowed to speak truth and I am quite angry about the censorship. Like - I am furious 🤬. I did absolutely nothing wrong and nothing I said was false. It feels like I have big giant hands over my mouth trying to suffocate me. I’m sure you feel the same. Ironically I was trying to share your sub stack from yesterday and when it wouldn’t post to Twitter I rebooted my phone thinking it was a phone issue. Nope. I was permanently suspended I’ll never forget the hot feeling I got all over my body from the shock of it. I had built my account up to almost 12,000 followers even though we know that numbers a joke. How are we supposed to get the truth out there when the social media platforms act like we are in China and MSM and big Pharma and the government are all in lockstep with one another???

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Steve Kirsch is also considering suing. I would talk to him & Alex Berenson

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This is nuts.

Do you have a backup on GETTR, Jessica? That's where Ed Dowd went, along with Naomi Wolf, Malone, and others.

We NEED to hear from all of you who are examining the data as it comes in!!!!

THANK YOU for ALL that you do!!!!

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Censorship on social media is literally killing people. Thomas Jefferson and our founders offered many great quotes, but this one stands out:

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people... They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google, and other companies are suppressing or outright banning information from organizations and individuals such as FLCCC, World Council for Health, Dr. Stephane Seneff, Dr. Mary Talley Bowden, Dr. Jessica Rose, Vaccine Safety Research Foundation, Epoch Times (blockaded, then released after public outcry), and so many more.

Another example: FLCCC has been banned from Twitter: https://flccc.substack.com/p/banned-camp?r=14nzxn&s=r&utm_campaign=post&utm_medium=email

You cannot be safe or free if you are uninformed!

Your life may depend upon getting accurate information -- and a variety of information -- from multiple sources. When Twitter, Facebook (and yes, the U.S. Government in violation of first amendment) prevent you from knowing stuff, YOU lose. You may even LOSE BIG. You, like many others, may even lose your life.

So please consider avoiding any platform that bans information so that you can be informed and make your own decisions.

Instead, support true free-speech platforms including Gettr, Telegram, Odysee, Rumble, and Substack. For browsers and search engines, consider Brave and DuckDuckGo. For email, consider protonmail and startmail (forgive me if I've forgotten a few),

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Sympathies but most of us who are writing anything approaching truth have already long ago either been banned or voluntarily dropped out of such platforms as Twitter and Facebook. This is Big Tech censorship in league with governments, corporations, institutions. They have never and never will played "nice'.

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You were most probably being monitored by Twitter Nazi’s for a while. They have to keep the narrative going to keep the sheep 🐑 on Twitter placated. It’s best to continue on your site, Gettr and Substack. Why use an enemies platform?

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Why post on that toxic platform, when we have Substack now 😏

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I’m sorry, but what appears to be going on here is that “don’t forget me” sounds too much like “never forget,” which the Germans have decided can only be used for the Holocaust.

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Twitter mob is fighting a losing battle with this modern day equivalent to book burning. For every person that gets banned, countless more take their place. Twitter will never see the day when the only tweets being posted are brain dead postings of the fading minds of the CoVidiots. They have nothing to say anyway other than to puke their drivel out in words.

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Jessica, love all your work.

I really do not get younger folks need for "tweeting; do not get how you can be offended when an obsolete, bot-infested service prevents you using it when other services are out there: GETTR, GAB.

. . . I actually DO get it, but see the alternatives of reducing their profits by moving communication to other platforms more rewarding both for yourself and the nation. This is not new. Lots of folks have suggested this before me.

Why not send a note to all your subscribers on this newsletter and other lists you may have announcing your new (non-Twitter) platform of choice?

I have never used Twitter or Facebook; never will. If you were on GETTR or GAB, I am there. Woohoo!

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Twitter has been a 'government' operation from the beginning...so is Facebook, etc.

Cannot 'capture' what was theirs to begin with.

I don't understand why people cannot understand how invasive, and deceitful spying programs are.

The only way to change idea's, lower morals and get people to believe and/or question things like 'sex', 'gender, politics, fake food, divorce, prescriptions, cloths, hairstyles, etc. was to use the 'Social' (socialist) Media platforms they created to influence us, while spying and stealing our private information, many times making it public. Hence, why if you don't follow the script, you get banned to keep your opinions out of sight...they are the only influencers allowed to be a constant viewpoint.

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How many times does one have to say: These are Communist techniques of information control? Control also of our food production, energy production, transportation ability & the elites have totalitarian controls without firing a single shot, though the latter they will be free to use once the noose is tight enough. I’m 75 years old; I’ve seen it coming. My question to my children and grandchildren’s generations: “Do you realize the evil ? My WW2 parents certainly did and told me all about it, thank God.

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I lasted 4 months on Twitter. They seem to be doubling down on their Marxist anti-freedom illegal censorship and employing more hateful bots. I’m glad I can still find you and other truth tellers on Substack. I also cancelled my TV. I’ve had enough of liars and censorship.

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I've been permanently suspended for months now for talking about virus existence, I've given up with it.

We are living in the greatest con of all time

'the tax payer hands over money to Pharma to research and pay for a ‘Covid’ vaccine making the lethal ‘spike’ protein, liability free

The tax payer gets myocarditis or cancer, young and fit people die; Pharma increases the price!

The injured tax payer hands over more money to Pharma for drugs that make them even sicker

Murderers break profit records, Pfizer’s doubling year on year with a net income of $9 billion this quarter.

What an economic model!


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