So this is just one of hundreds of VALID red flag warnings.

Just imagine the arrogance of a government or health authority or worse a corporation that sells a product as good for you, safe for you, and it will be forcefully injected into billions YET THEY REFUSE TO TELL YOU WHAT ALL OF THE INGREDIENTS ARE.

THIS was a major warning from day one . Yes , even the most famous accomplished doctors globally including as example Dr. Paul Marik (FLCCC) tried to ask and demand a list , and was shot down.

So now let's also point out that both SM- 102 and PEG (poly ethylene glycol) are extremely DANGEROUS to human health .

These are NOT NATIVE molecules to the human body . In themselves they can cause INJURY and death .

Worse nano particles are NOT NEW and how they are encapsulated to deliver their payload matters.

For example Lipisomal Vitamin C and a plethora of other lipid nano particles have been used for DECADES.

Historically to ensure safety these healthy supplents ALWAYS use phosphoidylcholine, a well known phospholipid that is found in the human body that surrounds and creates the complex cellular membrane . This is cellular biology 101 and not rocket science .

But let's dig deeper . What 99 percent of humans FAILED to realize is the word NANOMETER.

A nanometer is one BILLIONTH of a meter. Often in science we use MICRONS which are a millionth of a meter .

So to be defined as nano particle and encapsulate using SM- 102 or PEG, by definition of most scientist these particles are just 200 nm and seldom above 500 mm.

At this tiniest of size , they are so small that they TRICK and this penetrate all human cellular "pores' (often called cellular transporters, channels or receptors ).

These tiniest of particles are truly ROGUE and will penetrate everywhere and I do mean EVERY ORGAN and aspect of the human body including even crossing the blood brain barrier.

When I suggest they trick cells into taking them inside the cell while thinking they were food, or something good going by, I am again referring to cellular biology because this is a basic premise (cellular potes) that allow cells to live and flourish.

Now , consider this. Once inside the cell , that payload of synthetic RNA is finally delivered, only for cell to find out - it was not only tricked but literally poisoned with the S1 or spike protein .

The pitebtial damage to the human body is literally infinite.

There was NEVER a doubt in my mind from the outset that these politicians and drug companies INTENDED at the outset to harm.

Have a great reset . You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile .

I say hell no FIGHT and stand up to these psychopath thugs .

God bless all freedom fighters . Stay strong, prepare for battle and train . This war isn't over by a long shot . They are so sick they are killing our babies and children - who I hold out are indeed the most precious commodity of this planet .

These psychopaths want depopulation? I say let them lead by example and take a LETHAL JAB.

We need to rid humanity of those who seek to kill and enslave us .


Canadian VERERAN

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Feb 18Liked by Jessica Rose

Thanks once again, Jessica, for letting the Pharma creeps know that someone is watching. I'm appalled at the level of greed and pure evil that has allowed this medical catastrophe to develop.

And I, too, like your snarky comments.

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Great article Jessica. I love your snarky comments.

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Thanks for shedding so much light on these toxic LNPs, for endlessly digging and especially for the snark!

Way back when the vaccines were rolled out, I found this article from 2016 in which Moderna's Bancel and BioNTech's Kariko describe the LNPs as being toxic with dangerous side effects especially in repeat doses.


I said to my husband at they time "No one is going to take this stuff if an hour on the inter webs discloses that the manufacturer's themselves describe their products as toxic". ....Yeah, I was way wrong on that score because I didn't realize that no one would actually DO the hour's worth of research. I mean, the same Karens that scour the labels on their organic vegan lactose free ethically grown couscous did zero research on an EUA product that is designed to make their cells produce a toxin. Nope, they just lined up for their helping of toxin soup while screeching at those of us declining that WE were recklessly endangering ourselves and more importantly, them. SMH. Anyway, when Acuitas' LNP biodistribution study was leaked, well that was enough for me to take a back seat and watch how those clamouring for the front seats would do with the new wonder drug. Suffice it say got out of the car altogether a long time ago, but I can see it off in the distance, just about to careen off of the Safe and Effective Cliff with 2+ billion souls aboard.

Hope you find the answers to this mystery, Jessica. The LNPs clearly can't be found in the Karens' Organic Foods aisle whatever their grade, but if they're LAB grade, well that's just intentionally criminal, which sure could void a liability clause or two.

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Supplier for Pfizer is Avanti cGMP Manufactured Lipids

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At this point in the operation this question is akin to being in French Guyana with Jim Jones folks and checking to be sure the kool aide and cyanide is mixed with clean and sterile water.

I do so chuckle now when someone mentions the FDA.... If anything a product so "approved" by those charlatans needs extra scrutiny and perhaps a garbage bin.

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Here's an article I found about the ingredients in the COVID vaccines complying with "CGMP" Current Good Manufactuering Practices. I suspect that they are using the lab grade cationic lipids, and then doing testing on a small sample batch of the final product, and saying that it is good enough to receive the CGMP.


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Moderna did not care about the grade of SM-102. As Sasha Latypova has learned they were just following orders from the DOD and would be immune from liability. And the CEO of Moderna said in a discussion at Davos last month that Moderna produced 100,000 clot shots in 2019, and before the plandemic even began he asked his people if they could increase production up to a billion doses in 2020. It's almost as if he knew that a plandemic was coming!!!

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Clever quips are necessary distractions from otherwise bleak information.

A spoonful of sugar as it were...

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btw, who thought using those LNPs would be a good idea in the first place? Those LNPs will happily merge with any cell membrane out there. Whether that cell membrane belongs to a cell found in the brain, the spinal cord, the bone marrow, the spleen, the ovaries, etc. the LNPs do not care. It will just do what it is supposed to do and release the mRNA into whatever cell it merges with. And that those LNPs can be found everywhere in the body, Pfizer told us in study 185350, found in the "Nonclinical Evaluation Report", in Table 4-2 on page 45, of the foi-2389-06.pdf found here: https://www.tga.gov.au/sites/default/files/foi-2389-06.pdf

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We can't even determine something as simple as finding out which ingredients were used. Yet, the process of making the sudden death injection, is far more complicated, involves many steps, both biological and chemical, each of which is problematic, and the quality of the product from each intermediate step is supposedly determined using technologies which themselves are problematic, and use inferior indirect measurement (like measuring your kid's shadow to determine his height, instead of measuring your actual kid.) This can work if you had properly calibrated the shadow's height vs the actual child's height, but according to data we've seen, that calibration step was never done in the manufacture of these "products," nor is it likely to be able to do so.

Most pharmaceuticals are small (molecular weight less than 500) and are simple chemicals synthesized using established chemistry synthesis protocols- these can be analyzed for purity and structure. But mRNA is a giant molecule (each nucleotide has a molecular weight of ~500) and the claimed S protein is some 3800 nucleotides which closes in on a molecular weight of 2 million. Now add in all the size variability we've seen, and it's not possible to calibrate a population of molecules which varies in size each batch due to various enzymatic and purification inefficiencies at each step. The point is it's a mess in a hundred different ways. And certainly not something to inject into a human.

Thanks to Miss Jessica for her continued analyses and discovery- has there ever been a more convoluted mystery to unravel, or at least man-made mystery?

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When I was doing microscale synthetic organic synthesis as an undergrad, we always did a TLC on starting materials. If we didn't get one clean circular spot with the correct Rf value but instead a string of spots - or worst of all - a long smear, if we figured that it would be worth the trouble, then we'd purify the stuff until it gave a nice spot. Then IR, NMR, and melting point... If they aren't doing that with each batch... forget it. Of course, per PREP Act, the companies have no liability for defective or dangerous products, so they can go ahead and shove out crap if they want.

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The more you dig the more I think a lot of the problems are quality control. Gee, poor quality on top of the questionable technology … so comforting.

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Always love the snark don't ever stop that.Answers are your area but here is FDA guidance for industry 18 page pdf from 2019 Wayback to minimize risk of recent changes.

"Liposome Drug Products Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls; Human Pharmacokinetics and Bioavailability; and Labeling Documentation"


This industry doc for Food Grade designation seems to support the chemists claim since chemicals are evaluated based on proximity to food & intended use eg microwave plastic is different from disposable packaging etc.. (once it loads clicking the text area gets rid of the grey overlay)

"Understanding Food-Grade vs. Biocompatibility for Medical Device Materials

Just because a material is food-safe in no way implies it is also biocompatible."


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Feb 19·edited Feb 19

Jessica, you really packed a lot of info in your 30 minute Stockholm talk. And the candle was a nice touch. At your next big talk you can have an audience sing-along of the Bee Gees' old song "How Can You Mend a Broken Heart," which was written when you were a little tot, but now sounds like it could be the theme song for the jab injured:

I can think of younger days when living for my life

Was everything a man could want to do.

I could never see tomorrow,

But I was never told about the sorrow.

How can you mend this broken man?

How can a loser ever win?

Please help me mend my broken heart

And let me live again.

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