Why isn't the PCR test under more scrutiny? The true elephant in the room.

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I'm so glad I waited to hear this before I ran out and took clot shots and boosters! I think I'll wait a few more years. Thanks, Jess.

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In a perfect world - the degradation of the vials at different times and different temperatures say, (in the freezer after 6 months, 3 months, one week, then the fridge after 48 hours, 28 hours and 3 hours) as part of the finishing process - then, out of the fridge at different room temperatures for 4 hours, 2 hours, one our) - maybe under agitation during transportation by road, air and hand delivery.

all very tedious. i doubt anyone has the time, the money, the facilities and the patience to do this - and what would be argued by the manufacturers as "not out fault - they were fine when they left the finishing plants".

maybe easier to do - an examination of the amount of degradation for a sample of a box of vials - from each manufacturer - cartons/boxes with lot numbers that are marked for immediate administration into the arms of people.

it might be great news that the vials are degraded - but, as you say "we don't know". on the one hand the vials could essentially be useless for the purpose intended - but, OTOH, the degraded vials might trigger outcomes that are even worse than the doses that are not degraded.

keep up the great work. would love to hear your take on mixing IgG3 + IgG1 with whatever makes IVM and HCQ protocols - since it might be that either the undegraded or degraded doses seem to be leaving only IgG4 active - which I understand is the wrong way round. IgG3 and IgG1 = good, IgG4 not so much.

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Ryan helped maintain my sanity throughout.

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The speculations are out of control no?

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The cookie analogy drove the point home.

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No foreign mRNA can produce proteins and express them locked in the cell membrane ( this is weak).

I have never seen evidence for this... I'm just a quantum biologist....

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last thought.

is there any reason why (aside from being a giant pain!) that the VAERSanalysis team could not perform the Bayesian analysis of safety signals that the FDA is withholding (CDC does PRR - FDA does Bayesian?)

all the best

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The injections are causing the deaths, NOT a virus. It is proven, this is how we know:

First, lets look at the death numbers. Look at the excess deaths by age cohort and time. There was a jump in working age deaths 25 to 44 when the mandates rolled out. Not older people, not younger people, just the working group. So unless a virus knows to target a certain age of people, 25 to 44 years old, and knows exactly WHEN to target them (exactly when the mandates roll out), It can't be a virus.

See this information by Ed Dowd:


But wait, there's more!!

Dr Ryan Cole (Mayo clinic trained pathologist) explains in the following video how tissue samples can be stained and analyzed to determine if the spike proteins in the tissue are a result of infection or injection. From this, one can determine the sudden deaths are a result of the INJECTIONS. Injection caused spikes (not virus caused) are overwhelming the tissues in organs.

See the 26 minute mark in this video:


So by putting these pieces of information together now we have a population wide impact and can measure it by age group and time. We also know the specific mechanism of action via tissue samples and can differentiate mechanism between virus cause and injection cause.

It is conclusive the injections ARE causing the deaths. Maybe not all of them but clearly a huge number.

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Everyone must watch the interview by The First American Vagabond with Stefanie Seneff and Denis Rancourt.

From Denis' analysis of stats from American States and Canada, there was never, ever a new more virulent pathogen. Denis's main claim, which can be easily confirmed, is that once the RT-PCR testing began and all seasonal upper respiratory infections were contributed to covid-19, doctors were forbidden to prescribe antibiotics for what used to be seasonal bacterial pneumonias now presented as covid-19 pneumonias.

Many people had to threaten doctors to prescribe antibiotics when their elderly loved ones had the same seasonal pneumonias but now also had a positive covid-19 test result.

Denis provides clear stats on how excess mortality, minimal to none in Canada, can be easily explained in the USA by such factors, as poverty, obesity, lockdowns and the prohibition of the early treatments, such as with antibiotics.


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Two questions:

#1-- Is there anywhere currently for researchers to publish rejected studies? A sort of repository of the 'unapproved'?


#2--You mentioned adenines as being involved in 'stabilizing' the spike proteins. And I previously had heard about prolines 'stabilizing' the spike proteins. I would be ecstatic if you could explain how these two relate, in terms of what type of spike the modRNA instructions are supposedly manufacturing and how it is different than 'wild type' SARS-CoV-2 spike proteins. And what is the basis for this and how easily verifiable is it by an objective scientific investigator?

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Excellent interview on The Last American Vagabond!

I agree with you Jessica that the likelihood of serious damage is less with mRNA not being intact. In my view, misfolded proteins, even if at all possible to be made out of the mRNA found in those vaccines, should not be causing problems as our cells produce misfolded proteins all the time. The only thing we don't know is what happens when the cells are flooded with misfolded proteins.

Another possible issue I have been exploring are mRNA alternative splicing but I have seen little research on it.


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Excellent discussion. Your explanations were clear and made easy enough to comprehend. Thanks much for this. Looking forward to hearing more from the conference in Sweden.

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Jessica Where did this Sasha come from

In my opinion she is just a spoon??

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