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A great read! Thank you so much for breaking that down

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I know nothing about immunology, but I can tell that girl in Figure 1 is a budding surfer chick with a real forward attitude.

You mention the mysterious complementary system. Last March I saw this interesting tidbit about that. Robin Monotti had a thread on the AZ jab causing cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (CVST). He linked a paper about cov-2 spike protein and thrombosis that brought up the "alternative complement pathway" immunity system, and something called "Factor D."


I looked up Factor D. Wiki had this to say:

"The encoded protein is a component of the alternative complement pathway best known for its role in humoral suppression of infectious agents."

But here's the punch line:

"The level of Factor D is decreased in obese patients. This reduction may be due to high activity or resistance but exact cause is not fully known."

Ya don't say!! Wait - did somebody know that? Somebody who decided to make a spike protein shot? As with everything covid, this smells to high heaven, too.

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Inject first. Do the science later. It's booster time. What is the booster going to do? Everyday I read sad stories like grandma got the booster, grandma got sick, grandma died. I can't get past the stupidity of what is going on. In the first sentence they repeat that the vaccine has been shown to be up to 95% effective. Ha!

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Jessica, my first reaction to this aMAZING write-up is WOWSA!! This was beyond amazing, beyond WOWSA. Seriously, ThAnk you for this!! Your writing style in this piece is exactly what all the everyday people, all those still completely blind to the lies, deception, the Truth of what is actually happening... this piece is exActly what everyone needs to see in order to fully understand and comprehend the 'science' in this madness, and what those toxic jabs aRe doing to them. I LOVED the one commenter's view, relation to a children's book (which oddly now shows deleted). At this stage of the game, that's kinda what the adults need it seems, haha... ANYhooo, very long post short, sorryyy - Phenomenal job girl!!

I actually read this when you first posted, and just now reread. My apologies for the late comment, but a miracle has happened - after trying to get through to my jab'd (some booster'd) family for oVer a yeaR, two of them (my Father and one brother... there's 6 of us, nearly 40 extended with in-laws, nieces, nephews and 'greats')... two of them [ThAnk you God!!] FInally SEE the truth, FInally BELIEVE me and what I've been painstakingly sharing with them over and over again. Sighhhh of relief... and your phenomenal writing here is jUST what they aLL need to truly understand what's happening inside their bodies. So, ThAnk you, a bazillion times for this and ALL your work, and continued efforts... Appreciated more than you know!! OH, and even moRe thanks for providing some giggles/hUge smiles while reading this. : ) Simply AWEsome. Much Love & Hugs!! ❤️

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Jessica I don't know how you work such magic! To keep such highly technical science so thoroughly engaging is nothing short of genius.. I stand in awe... Thank you...

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Dear Jessica. I'd really like to translate this into French. Is it ok with you? Take good care of you. Matt

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"How do I know that? Because I am speaking from virus heaven."

Bravo. The innate immune system needs more attention!* The virus's story here could be a standalone post, if not a book as already suggested.

Should the study be referred to as "brand new"? Seems to have been posted in May.

I am curious what the baseline expectation should be for PMBC sensitization/tolerance "drift", even in the absence of a vaccination or infection. The authors here don't seem to mention any known / expected baseline?

A lot of the plots are close to half-higher, half-lower fold, which is ambiguous. Certainly the poly I:C lower-ness and C. albicans higher-ness are distinct. But since all the subjects worked at the same healthcare center, the authors should have included some non-dosed controls (there could have just been a trend of higher or lower background viral / bacterial / fungal immune challenge in the Radboudumc Nijmegen in the beginning or end of the vaccine rollout)...

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I was trying to understand better the impact of the use of methyl pseudouridine in the mRNA formulation and found this paper


This talks about how TLRs are suppressed by presence of pseudouridine but I'm not sure I understand this very well. I couldn't tell whether this was saying that it suppressed the immune response in general, or only the response specifically to stray mRNA material.

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So... given that other vaxes can also have this down-regulatory effect on the innate immune system and most of us in Western civilization have been getting these shots and boosters regularly over years, could the loss of that innate immune function later in life actually be the result of all of those vaccinations and not necessarily just a normal function of aging?

There is a tendency for all studies examining these alleged baselines to use those same Western populations, both controls and test cohorts, who have almost all had all those shots, with whatever consequences, not captured as part of the metadata.

We can only infer. But it would be interesting to compare these alleged results of aging in non-routinely-vaxed populations. Do their thymuses shrivel and turn to fat with age, as is assumed happens to everyone? Do their innate immune systems just quit and collect social security as ours are supposed inevitably to do? If there were ever questions that needed to be asked, work that needed to be done, and no current funding source that would be the least interested in funding it, I think that would be a good candidate.

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Just found your substack! I am thrilled!!

But hey, if this paper is so damning, will it be retracted?

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The first line of the paper’s Summary reads: The mRNA-based BNT162b2 vaccine from Pfizer/BioNTech was the first registered COVID-19 vaccine and has been shown to be up to 95% effective in preventing SARS-CoV-2 infections.

‘has been shown’? Is that statement true? Would that supposed given be now revised, retracted, or restated? Would this be an example of stating (as fact) information not a part of the paper, but for what reason?

Please excuse if poorly worded. Thank you.

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This was fantastic. Saw you on the Highwire today and subscribed. I've been reading 'Immunology Made Ridiculously Simple' (M. Mahmoudi) so that I can glean something from what you PhD crusaders are publishing. Reading your practical example here of how it all works together adds a deeper level of understanding to what I'm learning from this textbook. Love your humor too. Thanks!

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Writes shawn663@substack ·5 hr ago

this might be old but, when people were PCR tested did that test collect genome data if so where is that data now? does anyone know?



Writes shawn663@substack ·26 min ago

The pharma industry is spinning adverse events as if caused by covid not vax. This is an easy sell.

We need a data base of non vax'ed persons willing to be tested on a schedule so as to show a baseline of non vax personshealth outcomes verses vax persons progression outcomes.

This database can be used to counter the pharma narrative in immediate time(?).

I don't say this flippantly,I am extremely jealous of my personal information.

As a Canadian I take guidance from the Canadian FLCCC , An American to the FLCCC etc...

The data being currated by Tess Lawrie as one example.

They are not stopping to push the vax concept we must not stop pushing the science concept.

I see in Canada there is a site where parents can go to learn about the safe and effective vaccine for their children so they may feel more at peace with their decision to inject. pharma has not giving up, relenting or is loosening their media grip .

We need an independent body of non vax'd heatlh data to counter.

I will write something on substack over the next few days if anyone is interested.

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excellent! I hope you consider doing a web series on immunology, very informative and entertaining!

"The person who sneezed is one of those people who wears a mask incessantly on their chin and then sneezes all over everyone whilst symptomatic." -lol!!!!

I've been under the delusion for the past 6 months or so that vax spike couldn't bind to ACE-2 , but then I recently came upon this

Enhancing the Prefusion Conformational Stability of SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Through Structure-Guided Design


"the prefusion locking mechanism of the proline mutations at K986 and V987 is not clear. These mutations were initially introduced to stabilize the prefusion state of other coronaviruses (23) but were incompletely studied in SARS-CoV-2. Notably, structural studies indicate >50% of Spike_PP particles contain one RBD in the receptor-accessible “up” position, suggesting the functional mechanism of these mutations is not through an inhibition of ACE2 recognition (5). "

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