What a bizarre arrangement. Hard to think of a legitimate reason why any group should only receive material from an isolated batch.

Plenty of illegitimate reasons come to mind.

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I think the point being made by Jessica Rose is that the elites and their bureaucrats are possibly not being injected with the not-at-all-proven-safe mRNA concoction. A sensible conjecture. After all, those who rule can't be guinea pigs in this worldwide experiment. This possibility has occurred to me several times over the last year, but this is the first hint that it might actually be true.

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There is a clinical production line and a commercial production line. Those are from the clinical production line.that has higher quality. Read more here. http://thehotstar.net/separatebatches.html

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Hey Jessica- Can you expand on what you mean by "it would explain things in Israel"?

Also, are you going to the protest at the Knesset today? I would love the chance to shake your hand (or give you a hug) and say thank you for your work in person.


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The irony, that they unblinded the trial and gave them the real stuff "for their safety", but they're still playing with placebos. Even the trials didn't use saline as a control, I believe it was the meningitis shot which has it's own issues.

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What a top way to run a drug trial. Get the deliberately terrified population to present their shoulders with complete invisibility of what is being plunged into their IM space. Then sit back and measure the results.

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Jessica, you can check how bad are the Pfizer, Moderna, JJ batches inside and outside the USA here: https://www.howbad.info/

You wrote "Here’s the list of VAX LOTs that qualify:

I found the followings Pfizer Batch events in Australia:

Batch No FA4598 had 854 ADR, 19 Deaths, 35 Disability, 41 Life threatening illnesses.

Batch No FF0884* had 50 ADR, 1 Death, 8 Disability , 3 Life Threatening illnesses.

(*Batch No FF0884 was allocated to Pfizer employees in Australia).

In the Screenshot you provided I found the followings:

Batch No FE7051 had 329 ADR, 11 Deaths, 13 Disability, 11 Life Threatening illnesses.

Batch No FF4206 had 7 ADR, 0 Deaths, 1 Disability, 1 Life Threatening illnesses.

What do you make of the above?

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Well, 7 of those 8 Lots appear in the VAERS Non-Domestic dataset and they all have deaths apart from FE5029.

I made your job alot easier :)

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Jan 26, 2022·edited Jan 26, 2022

Txs for working on this pretty real hypothesis!!

BTW ask some journalist friend to ask Pfizer CEO how many died of all Pfizer US employers and officials... This is the right time, there should be the call for Pfizer earnings one of this day!

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NSW CHO (Chant) must have been checking for that batch number here.


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Thanks Jessica for this discovery. I am with you concerning the suggestion of "placebo jab=saline" for some "VIPs". Being in the phase III, one would expect too have 50% in the control group. You may be right to think it is only 30%. The consequence of such a design would imply that anyone would need to receive many repeats until the control group is a minority within the cohort of "vaccinated", that is if things happen completely in a random manner which may not look to be so.

If there is a random attribution of experimental and placebo injections with ratio 50:50 for example, we should have: 1st jab 50% unvaxxed, 2nd jab 25% unvaxxed, 3rd jab 12.5% unvaxxed etc..... If the ratio is 70:30, the number of boosters needs to be even greater.

I seems to recall that Europe has bought many more than 3 jabs per person.

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Wow. As paolo suggests it would be interesting to see how well Pfizer staff are handling the jabs! Very well no doubt.

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Jessica, do you think it would do any good to calculate the conditional probability of dying from Covid based on the probability of getting covid? I tried to do this using the VAIERS number of 10,000 deaths and the CDC record of about 200 million vaccinated. That gave me a death rate of about 40 per million. A propaganda CNN news claim was that Tylenol is more deadly with 150 dead per year than Covid vaccines. That is bullshit because the rate of Tylenol deaths works out to about .5 per million. I got 9 deaths per million for children dying of Covid vs. 40 deaths per million from vaccine deaths. I then tried to estimate the conditional probability. It was SO HARD to determine the total cases of Covid. You can easily get the number of Covid deaths: around 385,000 both years 2020 and 2021. Finally I just gave up and sorted the number of Covid cases by county. Texas is leading with a rate of 646 per 100,000. I then tried to calculate a conditional probability and came up with 15% This is way too high, though. Here is my reasoning for focus on CONDITIONAL probability.

Now most people compare the risk of an adverse event from vaccination to the risk of an adverse event from Covid. You could die! You could get long haul Covid! You could get heart disease, palsy, paralysis (all also adverse reactions to vaccines). THIS IS THE WRONG COMPARISON! If you get vaccinated, you definitely are exposed to the risks of Covid vaccines. But if you don’t get vaccinated—why you might NEVER get Covid. So the risks are

1)Risk of adverse reaction from taking Covid vaccine


2)Risk of adverse reaction from Covid –which can only happen if you get Covid.. Suppose the risk of dying from Covid is 1000 per million. (I think this is the actual risk). Now, how many people are likely to get Covid? I estimate it in the following way. The deaths from Covid are 1000 in a million. The highest rate of Covid cases (is in Texas) with a rate of 6460 per million. So the conditional probability works out to about 15% Check my math.


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Jan 28, 2022·edited Jan 28, 2022

In California some schools are forcing young students take the shots including boosters or change to virtual or independent study. Naturally my family had no choice but to take the shots. Interestingly, I find their batches are all bad lots#. Might be a coincidence but we live in a small town with lots of seniors and retirees. That leads me wondering aloud the possibility that the good lots# (placebo) are distributed in the cities like the Silicon Valley, NYC etc.

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If there is a placebo within a certain amount of batches, then it really is like playing Russian roulette. I think is was Geert who said, 'its worse than Russian roulette. There is also a website for bad batches. "The side effects of the varying toxicity levels are explained on the website, “How bad is my batch.” In addition, the site helps people determine the toxicity of the batch they may have received."

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