JR- I remember, in my much younger days looking at the corruption in our world and feeling so small and alone. One of the great ironies of life is that through this hideous travesty called COVID, we have come to find you and the stellar humans like you, Pierre Kory, Paul Marik, Aseem Malhotra, Tess Laurie, A Midwestern Doctor, Dr Robert Malone, Bobby Kennedy. I am so inspired by all of you.

A wise man once said, “I truly believe we are at a pivotal time, where the work that each of us puts in can make an immense impact on the future course of this world.” (A Midwestern Doctor on Substack)

I, for one, am inspired to act upon that advice.

Thank you. I am eternally both grateful and indebted to you folks - for saving me from despair. ☺️

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Excellent material, thank you for working so hard in this fight Jessica!

I wanted to share this here to highlight the absurdity of the shots:

Rushed, guaranteed to succeed, corruptly tested, experimental injection? ✓

That killed and maimed well-over a thousand people during the severely abbreviated trial phase? ✓

And also caused 23 spontaneous abortions and 75 serious clinical events from 270 expectant mothers during said trial? ✓

Using a highly dangerous mRNA tech that in the past killed every mouse with ADE? ✓

A tech previously untested on humans, the emergency usage of which upended over a century of vaccine safety and efficacy research? ✓

For a virus far less deadly than the lockdowns themselves? ✓

Also less deadly than the flu - which conveniently went AWOL when COVID hit the scene? ✓

For a (cold) virus they’ve been unable to cure after over a century of trying? ✓

But somehow all of a sudden, the criminal pharmaceutical companies - notorious for rampant felonious trial fraud - figured it out in less than a year? ✓

And then went on to manufacture billions of quality assured, safe and effective doses at record speed which were then lawfully distributed by the US military? ✓

People actually bought into this on a grand scale, and voluntarily injected this poison? ✓

Longer version with inline references here: https://tritorch.com/doormat

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Legend ! I think what people want more than anything is to see you and many other like minded docs/scientists have it out with CDC/FDA and other 'experts' on LIVE TV. I would imagine record ratings for any broadcaster that would accept such a platform but we know why they won't !

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Your beautiful truth Professor Jessica Rose, works of art presented, gratitude and thank you for sharing your light and wisdom and Wah, inspiring, Thank you for being you

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Exquisite. Elegant, profound.... I don’t have enough adjectives.

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Thank you for your work. I got cancer from 1 Pfizer dose, and I've talked with hundreds of others who got the same somewhat rare cancer after the vaccine, all but 1 had Pfizer. Given the number of manufacturing issues that have been reported with Pfizer I wouldn't be surprised if there were batch related irregularities as well.

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Jessica, you will go down in history as an EPIC hero in this COVID calamity. We are all deeply indebted to you for your skill, dedication, focus, energy, tenacity, perseverance, insight and truth-telling. Thank you for bringing your gifts to bear on the health and future humanity.

Question: Will amyloidosis cause swelling (enlargement and distortion) in the veins in the those who have been vaxxed? I recently saw my adult vaxxed son for the first time in 3 years, and his arms were covered with heavy, rope-like veins which I'd never seen before. (I ask because another individual who had been vaxxed once shared a similar picture of her arms post-jab.)

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Wow , i think you cracked open the proper legal pathway to indemnification w slide 9.

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Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I plan to share it with a layperson/ordinary citizen questioning the narrative.

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Fantastic job! Thank you!

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Thank you.

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The Truth Train has arrived via Jessica Rose!

To our "slippery leaders", What are you going to do?

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The slides as presented in the email / post are clipped at the edges and when I try to save them to my photos they come as one image of 9 slides none of which are individually selectable. Can I access these at the NCI website?

Thanks for the stellar research Dr Rose.

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Thank you so much for what you do. You are an inspiration during these times. Stay well.

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Thank you for your work. Vax injury awareness needs to continue.

You may be interested in matchyourbatch.org - a new, free, powerful tool for anyone to easily search VAERS and see summarized results. You can search and visualize results by batch number or symptoms, as well as location, age, vax date, days to death, and more.

VAERS records for: ( Type: Covid19, Covid19-2 ) ( Manufacturer: Janssen, Pfizer-Biontech, Moderna, Novavax, Unknown ) ( Show only: died, life-threatening, permanently disabled, possible miscarriage or stillbirth )

135,428 events reported through April 28, 2023

Of which: 35,274 died 26.0% | 37,486 life-threatening 27.7% | 65,670 permanently disabled 48.5% | 5,428 possible miscarriage or stillbirth 4.0%

NOTE: VAERS receives reports for only a small fraction of actual adverse events. (Source: CDC) ... and you of course!

Share with anyone wondering if their batch(es) had VAERS reports submitted and the associated symptoms or severity. You can enter multiple batch numbers at the same time.


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