I hear the British government is paying up to 140000 pounds, or was it dollars, to jab injured victims, but the US government has not paid a cent to anyone. And I learned that Fauci and Collins are protected by a clause in the Patriot Act from ever being held liable for creating bioweapons or the damage they do. Let's hope the Nuremberg Code takes precedence over the abominable Patriot Act and that many will swing from the gallows.

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Maddie's plight is absolutely heartbreaking. She is one of thousands, maybe tens of thousands or millions whose injuries (and deaths) have gone denied and untreated.

The Highwire (along with Children's Health Defense - CHD) has been warning of vaxx dangers for years -- not just COVID shots, but most shots on the largely untested childhood vaxx schedule. The horrid COVID era has brought vaxx dangers to the forefront; however, these two organizations have been working tirelessly to expose these and other man-made health hazards.

Anyone who doesn't watch, subscribe to, and donate to The Highwire / ICAN / CHD is missing an opportunity to become informed with facts and to help Del Bigtree's and RFK Jr's organizations turn this evil bus around (intentional reference to the VAXXED bus, which brought national attention to vaccine injuries).


* Highwire: https://thehighwire.com/ (scroll down to subscribe; donate at the top)

* ICAN: https://www.icandecide.org/

* Movie - Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe (2016): https://thehighwire.com/videos/episode-259-the-movie-that-inspired-a-movement/

• Movie - Vaxxed II: The People's Truth (2019): https://www.redpilldocumentaries.com/2020/12/27/vaxxed-ii-the-peoples-truth-2019/

* Children's Health Defense: https://childrenshealthdefense.org/

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Sad story. Sadder yet that not everybody knows it.

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I'm almost lost for words. Unspeakably callous, cruel and corrupt mistreatment at multiple levels. Heart-wrenching. Maddie's shocking story should have been mainstream news in order to warn millions of others - but we know that Big Pharma, media, national governments and state agencies have collaboratively suppressed the truth from the start. A web of lies and criminality.

We're witnessing a grotesque global tyranny on so many levels that it's truly a daily struggle to stay sane and healthy amidst it all. A real life horror show. Emotionally draining. The scale of this treachery, this systemic corruption and wholesale fraud is hard to comprehend. It's globalist evil.

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Dad de Garay re: Cincinnati Children's Hospital

"It's just a . . . it's a research monster. They're just crunching out numbers. They're just bringing in the money."

Perfectly put about ANY research hospital.

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Another horror story brought to you by Big Pharma. We will probably never know the actual numbers but just the reported adverse events on VAERS are bad enough to warrant stopping this vaccine. I saw a Dutch study on Dr. Paul Alexander's site that showed no benefit from the vaccine. The nightmare continues and no one seems powerful enough to stop it.

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Many monsters doctors all over. How can they don’t feel sorry for this girl? Dark times!

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So sad for this family. Terrible treatment by all the “medical professionals” involved. Karma needs to visit them.

Could not watch the whole thing because Rumble kept restarting it.

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Our hearts go out to Maddie and her family.

One larger message is: Never (or never again) trust the reported results of a medical trial run or sponsored by the owner of the drug/vaccine/biologic and overseen by the FDA.

And never (or never again) entrust your family member(s) to a principal investigator and associated doctors and institutions in such a trial. (Unless maybe the alternative is certain death.)

If your family member is injured, they are then on their own to find needed care--and worse than that--most medical practitioners and institutions will actively avoid and/or ignore them, and when confronted, deny that the trial could have had any relation to their injury--or even "gaslight" them with false and unsupported diagnoses, all to protect the marketability/salability of the drug/vaccine/biologic, and the liability of the trial sponsor(s) and the principle investigator(s). Your injured family member(s) will be the "untouchables" or "deplorables" of the medical system, and even of "polite society" in general. They (and you, as you advocate for them) will be canceled, censored, and ridiculed by groups and individuals of both low status and high.

What disgraceful, scandalous corruption of a (supposedly) once noble profession, and of a (supposedly) once relatively-lower-corruption nation!

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Thank you for again reminding us of the humanity within all of this….

If Maddie and her parents can handle it, then I can, too. I’m heartened to do more than before. Jessica, thank you. We all need to reach in somehow and help support Maddie’s family.

P.s. I’m also still transformed by the story regarding Guarda. Maybe I’m disarmed. Your writings somehow alter my life.

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for one my heart aches from the atrocities man inflicts harm on others but I'm sorry I'm becoming disgusted with the majority of these horror stories. The statement inevitably comes out that they, I or we are pro-vaccine. Please wakeup to the fact that the medical cabal has been working in the shadows for it's entire existence.

It was SIDS in the 70's to hide the deaths of children and now 50 plus years later it's SADS to casually explain away the unheard of (up to 40% estimated by some in the insurance industry) sudden increase in deaths that just so happens to coincide with the vax rollout. Coincidence.....there aren't any.


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Thank you for posting this.

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Jessica, thanks for all you do, also for sharing the story of your interaction with the security guy you so eloquently wrote about.

But I was wondering if anyone has looked into the past medical records to see the correlation of new diseases coming into existence that just so happens to coincide with the release of a vaccine or a food additive. I know for a fact that aspartame was my sisters journey into being diagnosed with fibromyalgia and for years they used the same tactics to the patients with adverse events caused by it. "It's all in your head" they were all told. FYI my sister succumbed to the medical cabal and was put to rest on March 11th of this year. Now it's 'functional neurological disorder'. Yeah right and I'm fat because my digestive system is confused and not the fact that I live on Big Mac's, fried foods and dairy. Take notice how the NIH got in front of these crimes with an excuse for the injuries their causing.

Maybe even go back to the polio vax and learn about the new names they placed on those with the same diagnosis after the release. Also the fact that the spread of polio was in it's waning stages much in the same way as us humans live on before the allopathic medical cabal.

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Hospital doublespeak on top of the incapability to give any credulence to actual injury. Healthcare system has been conscripted by EVIL!

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JR are you following Coquin de Chien's Newsletter? He has filed suit in federal court against the Massachusetts Governor and a few other gov't officials. You might find the comparison of VAERS reports to fraudulent death certificates interesting (and horrifically sad). I think it is currently a 5 part series but I will link one of them that includes some of those documents.


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Question: Is US Government support of allopathic medicine mandates a violation of the First Amendment establishment clause?

If it can be demonstrated that Vaccines, Pharma and Allopathic medicies are derived from Egyptian religious practices, could this postulate hold up in court as a violation of the First Amendment's establishment clause.? See the remarkable history of "Pharma" from Raymond Obomsawin, PhD - https://tinyurl.com/2errwatu

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