Another criminal travesty heaped upon criminal travesties. The victims. The victims. The horror, the horror, of the living for the maimed and murdered.

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Thanks, Jessica. I suspect they'll try to disappear evidence of everyone they've disappeared. How do you certify history so it stands up in a court of law? It's up to honest folks. Any honest folks left?

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Your last sentence is exactly the reason these foreign reports are in VAERS. The manufactures are required to report these foreign reports they receive. This nonsense about not complying with European reporting rules, sounds like ex post facto 🙈 🙉 🙊!

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Stay on ‘em’ girl…the RABID HOLE.

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I see the fingerprints of Winston Smith all over this. (Smith was the main character in the novel 1984. For those who haven't read/watched 1984 lately, his job was to relocate troublesome passages of the previously approved narrative to the trash bin of history, and substitute something more palatable to the Powers That Be. Even those reworked passages were not safe from future revisionism).

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You're scaring the crap out of them. Many are sniffing out the perps for punishment. No place to hide.

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Yes, Albert also alerted us on his site 2 days ago that that the symptom text was all scrubbed from over 500,000 foreign reports.

You guys are doing God's work - yeah, I know its' origins are straight from hell, but thank you for what you are doing.

By the way, is that roughly the same number you come up with?

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What is MHRA

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Did VAERS allow Yellow Cards for prior years, e.g. 2000-2020?

i.e. Have they changed their protocol and all of a sudden started deleing yellow cards, or is this simply following a long standing practice of cleaning up VAERS that they did even prior to Covid.

p.s. I've never subscribed to a Substack, you're my first, your research is incredible. Thank you for your work!!

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Nov 21, 2022·edited Nov 21, 2022

In a related story -

"New York Times opens fast shrewd franchise."

This news was recently deduced by the presence of a

New York Times opinion piece (10/28/22) by conservative columnist Bret Stephens, and other recent misleading climate headlines.

Franchise is one of many plans brewing to offset anticipated shortfalls in revenues as the Covid Cartel shifts more of its spending from fraud and suppression activities to legal defense and flight. Franchise will serve the ever-reliable 'Lies for dimwits' market.

This blockbuster is their debut:

Large bucket of denierrhea with a super-sized tub of bullshit

(and of course you get temp fried with that.)

Editors, reporters and NYT News Service clients

will share in the revenues. This is expected to be a worldwide operation except where prohibited by law or Elon Musk.

Spokesprimates said this and many other moves are planned in light of the anticipated downfall of the Covid cartel.

Cartel executive perpetrators' backpedaling and denials appear to be a fearful preparation for a soft landing after an anticipated fierce court battle. Indications of this are contained in an absurd motion by the cartel to dismiss a suit against it.

The motion contains inane lies equivalent to "We never meant to..." and "We didn't actually...).

Other indications are numerous changes and omissions in VAERS and various agencies' reports and websites.

Legal experts believe that The Times will do frantic damage control as its activities as a cartel member are revealed. The main tactic is expected to be turning states evidence, after a showy exposé of other cartel members' roles. All staff will be provided with 24 hour surveillance and bodyguards.

Experts also expect a fast 1-2-3 solution: 1) ivermectin for Covid, 2) lawyers, judges, juries and RICO laws for the perpetrators, and.

3) another Nuremberg Round to tie up the noose ends and show the world what happens to mass murderers and their accomplices.

This would close Chapter 2 in the "Nuremberg: Never Again Series".

A few of the foregoing statements have not been proven, but we can hope, Can't we?

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