You'd better sharpen your pencil because if Geert Vanden Bossche is right about a new variant coming in a couple of months that will be deadly for the jabbed, VAERS will be overwhelmed with millions of jabbed who are dead from ADE. The good news is the unjabbed should be OK, that is until the government blames them for the deaths of the jabbed and mandates jabs for all.

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I think you should also be unstoppable Jessica. Thank you.

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Jasus, Mary and Joseph and the wee donkey but imagine that the jab that's sposed to prevent the disease is THE cause of the disease! That's like getting a polio vaccine only to get polio. How mad is this? My head spins!!! Great observation there Unacceptable and Unflappable Jessica!

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McLachlan et al interim analysis of first 250 VAERS deaths noticed that they all had covid-19 as a symptom, speculated that they were deliberately misclassified "covid deaths".

Mathew Crawford wrote up a substack post on this, excerpt below:

"In order to understand the McLachlan paper, we took the clever approach of contacting Scott McLachlan. Here is how he explained the VAERS data classification process (all emphasis his):

When you bring the three components (spreadsheets) of the VAERS data together you will note the first recorded symptom that is reported for every person who died in the column called Symptom 1, by the VAERS people rather than the reporter, is COVID-19. When by email to the CDC VAERS email account I requested why COVID-19 was recorded against every person we were told that: this is so we can be certain they are recorded in the national COVID-19 case and death statistics. The people running VAERS consider the deaths to be COVID-19 related, not COVID-19 vaccine related.

Since the interim report has gone public (and mentioned in talks by people like Dr Peter McCullough) I have been approached on twitter and by email by a number of people who say that when they have called the VAERS call centre they have been almost coached by the call centre employee what to say - or that the call centre person has said things like: covid must have gotten him/her and the vaccine simply didn’t have time to work. On review of the VAERS dataset for deaths, specifically in the column called SYMPTOM_TEXT, we find this is a recurring theme in a small percentage of the reports and something which we had commented on. However, based on these anecdotal electronic discussions with reporting healthcare employees I now believe it to be likely that in some cases it is something the VAERS staff are adding and not something that the person reporting is saying.

There certainly may be some that legitimately have the infection (there was a small number who did have a positive PCR), but it seems incredible that every death in the VAERS dataset has COVID-19 as their primary symptom at the time of death - including for those that had one or more negative PCR tests in the hours or days prior to death and therefore clearly were not infected with COVID-19. For example: 933739 - a lady with CP who coded in the ambulance hours after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine. She was tested for COVID-19 at hospital after having been resuscitated and was negative, yet COVID-19 is written as her primary symptom at death not an hour or two later. Same for 942072 who had two such negative PCR tests but is still reported with COVID-19 as her primary symptom."


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Vaccination has always been a foolish paradigm, but the Covid shots have ratcheted the damage up to a whole new level, not only in the dramatic increase in the extent of injury, but with the addition of bizarre neurological disorders like continuous tremors. The long term will likely be a bitch, considering the shots hijack human protein production, and the other worldly shapes and nano objects found in the shot solutions by multiple researchers.

Another way to view the top VAERS Covid AE symptoms is simply to pull up All Symptoms related to the shots and rearrange them in descending order of frequency of report. The top 10 are headache, fatigue, fever, SARS-CoV-2 Test, chills, pain, nausea, Covid-19, dizziness and pain in extremity. With the obvious exception of the two Covid-related symptoms, that list is a virtual duplicate of the list of most frequently reported reactions to the childhood (traditional) vaccines. It also happens to be a virtual duplicate of the Mayo Clinic's list of symptoms of encephalitis.

Vaccination has always been a dirty business.

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Thank you.

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It could be way worse than the AE of Covid-19!

See 👀 2 hr: 44 min Highwire: EPISODE 266: GEERT VANDEN BOSSCHE: ‘MY FINAL CALL’.


Details in this episode are deep-in-the-weeds science — so scary that The Highwire warned this episode might be unsuitable for children (and, sadly, for the vaxxed). I’m sure the Amazing Unstoppable One will fully understand Vanden Bossche’s concerns and eventually explain to the rest of us!

EPISODE 266: Geert Vanden Bossche (Description from The Highwire below)

Today marks an episode of The Highwire, which could be one that history will never forget. First, the story in China is evolving as lockdowns expand to Beijing. Government censors are in overdrive, working to keep citizens, and the rest of the world, in the dark. Is your country headed down the same draconian path? Also, DHS revealed the formation of a ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ set on monitoring and regulating online speech and discourse.

Then, perhaps one of the most critical discussions we’ve ever had on camera. Del sits down with Virologist and vaccine expert Geert Vanden Bossche, DVM, Ph.D., a former employee of GAVI and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. His early predictions have proven true. Now, Geert is making a final call, a dire warning that he hopes that the Scientific community, and the rest of the world, will hear.

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Simplicity is beautiful. Great post.

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Jessica did you ever see this post by Alex Berrenson? It aligns with your observation. https://alexberenson.substack.com/p/the-government-of-alberta-says-you/comments?s=r

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Hmmm, this is what was said previously, and shown to be true - the unjabbed will be blamed - common sense gone…

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You are amazing. Given that there are studies and data showing that the jabbed are more likely to get Covid, that was my guess, but had to laugh when I saw that was it.

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