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From Article #4: Dr. Vinay Prasad, an oncologist and medical ethicist at the Oregon Health and Science University. “The system is broken, and all the financial incentives are lined up to keep it broken.”

It's a shame that it took COVID-19 for me to realize just how hopelessly broken the system is, and unfortunately, the corruption of the FDA/Big Pharma is just one example of the regulatory capture that infects our entire government.

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Love that you out all this crap. I stopped using any pharma years ago. I'm 68, pretty darn healthy, still work, and it's heavy laborious work, and my go to modalities are homeopathy, osteopathy and herbal medicines. TCM fascinates me but there are no practitioners near me. I do read and have books on TCM and the food as medicine I dabble with. I had a doc who is now retiring and according to him me & hubby are the only 2 over 50 y.o. patients not taking a single pharmaceutical in his county wide practice! He even said to me that pharma is corrupt and he thought I was doing the right thing, yet it bugged me that he would treat patients allopathically with pharma. If a physician knows he's using unethical methods, he needs to go back to school, and learn alt modalities and hang a different shingle. I imagine money is the driving force. It is beyond sad.

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Gosh I know there are so many serious things to comment on from this piece (thank you for all you do btw) but your cat in the puzzle picture is adorable and hilarious

That’s all I got right now

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I guess at least some of these miscreants actually can't sleep at night. Fair dincum.

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Jessica, are there any autoimmune hemolytic anemia reports you’ve come across in VAERS? My neighbor (4 jabs) got diagnosed with this last summer after his first two jabs. We have one friend whose previously diagnosed lymphoma went ballistic and he died, one friend whose cancer was so widespread that doctors couldn’t find the primary, (he died too, 6 months after his jabs, and one good friend who developed leukemia and died 10 months after his two jabs. WHAT IS GOING ON in the bone marrows of the jabbed? Besides that the spike/LNP complexes going there…. I mean, do you know the technicalities of the damage to bone marrow, which produces all our cell lines?

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Thank you! It's another testament to the proof that MSM/legacy/traditional journalism is officially propaganda of the state. Why is this the first place to learn of the FDA Siegal's dangerous break with reality and the whole ordeal smells off...since when can the men in white coats come and take you against your will? I have friends that wish the same to help adult children in crisis but it's illegal.

Thank you also for introducing me to IL-6 and acute phase proteins, I will be researching these to learn of vaccine injuries and the current push for cancer PD-L1 immunotherapy.

Happy Weekend.

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I applaud you Jessica for your courage to stand up to the medical cabal. Yourself as well as others on this site, Steve Kirsch, Naomi Wolf, Robert Malone and a host of others are exposing the truth. Isn't that what we all seek ?

A response from your comment 'The revolving door phenomenon is more than a bit of laughs with your drunk friends'.

I don't use the term (medical cabal) half heartily here. I have been researching the medical establishment for well over a quarter a century. All because of my immediate family members subsequent declining health once they were indoctrinated into their cures and miracle drugs.

Below is a comment I made a short time ago on another site. Some of you may find it helpful even if it doesn't apply directly to this column.

<First off I would like to thank you for spreading your light, especially concerning the pitfalls of the allopathic medical industry along with the Psychiatry industry.

I see them, Psychiatry, as one of the same because they promote the use of chemical drugs that are by-products of the petroleum industry for treatments for almost all disorders. Besides my personal interactions, which have been few as I've been blessed with great health for my entire life (64), I started my own research (late 80's) into the Psychiatric industry when a few  government appointed doctors started diagnosing my younger brother with schizophrenia along with manic depression (now called bipolar) after only a few relatively short interviews with him. Well needless to say they proceeded to prescribe a drug regimen for his remaining days with Prozac being the most prevalent and detrimental. From there I started down the rabbit hole of so-called miracle treatments from the aforementioned organizations. At first, being naive I trusted them because my own mother was a highly respected RN in our community and even taught at the local college, I wanted to help him in any way I could by possibly supplementing the treatments  along with moral support. I bought many books all written from accredited Dr.'s and only much later found out how biased the material was. Well soon I found that it was a short road and felt I had nowhere to turn and accept all that was being presented. Remember we didn't have the internet so medical research was somewhat limited. My brother passed away in 1994 and I had more questions than answers.

Moving on to the 90's, my sister was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, is when I came to learn about the evils in western medicine.Please understand that I don't categorize most people as evil as I believe they all had noble intentions to go into their respective profession but were, and still are, corrupted by one of the most influential criminal orgs being our healthcare system. I started researching possible causes in the early days of the internet and found one of the links to the affliction which is possibly neurotoxins. That led me to aspartame. And from there I started reading about the criminal aspects of the FDA along with major corporations like Monsanto and how the players from both sides of the aisle are the same team.

(1)Since aspartame was first approved in 1974, both FDA scientists and independent scientists have raised concerns about possible health effects and shortcomings in the science submitted to the FDA by the manufacturer, G.D. Searle. (Monsanto bought Searle in 1984). My sister has had diminishing health to the point of mostly bedridden about 6 years ago to placement, much to my dismay, in a nursing home in the past year as my brother-in-law couldn't provide the 24/7 care she now needs within the medical institution. (1)  https://usrtk.org/sweeteners/aspartame_health_risks/#history

Also I think it would be wise to investigate the introduction of polio on the human species in correlation with chemicals released on populations such as DDT. (2)(2)  https://www.epa.gov/ingredients-used-pesticide-products/ddt-brief-history-and-status(3)  https://www.aier.org/article/no-lockdowns-the-terrifying-polio-pandemic-of-1949-52/(4) early use of chemicals        http://agrochemicals.iupac.org/index.php?option=com_sobi2&sobi2Task=sobi2Details&catid=3&sobi2Id=31

I also read quite a bit from your site on the matter you link here and would like to add that Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr.'s book, Prevent And Reverse Heart Disease: The Revolutionary, Scientifically Proven, Nutrition-Based Cure, changed my eating habits and possibly my life around 2014 when I read it. Since I've read many you write about and many others as well. nutritionfacts.org is a wonderful site you may want to check out as it sites all the data from his findings. http://nutritionfacts.org/video/the-story-of-nutritionfacts-org/

Your heart beats, the earth drums and the heavens sing. Go with it....

God bless>

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Adore your brilliance!

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Jessica, I read that you are a musician. What instrument do you play? I have never played any computer games as I used my time exercising, studying natural medicine, listening to the Duran, playing my Taylor 810 rosewood dreadnaught guitar, and fighting the genocide of the WEF.

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Smeagol is a hoot, eh?

"You guys really need to read everything you can about acute phase proteins." Naw. That's why we have you, Jessica. Off to my KenKen.

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WICKED GOOD WRITE, JESSICA. love the Scorpio timbre of it.

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Hi Jessica

You have surpassed yourself creatively with this substack .

some examples :

The bit about Doing 3D puzzles instead of sleeping .

On the floor where you do all your work - sans chair.

A Regulatory fiasco named WTF as a step ladder to making even bigger bucks at big farma.

Hey Grandma- isn’t it time for the Bigbutts pills ?

Even without the systematic technical brilliance, your articles are a pleasure to read .

thank, from a fellow canadian.

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Here’s one that’s puzzling me. How did the WTF et al arrive at the brilliant idea of repurposing “MSM” … if I were a cartoonist, I would definitely be a sarcastic one, and would need to draw a cartoon of this MSMamorphis.

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You are right on point again.

Have you noticed since the pandemic was triggered, science ( what THEY call it) took of live the devil ticked it in the rear?

We are moving way to fast and regulators are not at home.

This is very dangerous indeed!

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I know of a RCT in MSCs for moderate/severe Covid (cytokine storms) that was halted at the end of 2020.

I suspect the trial might have met its ambitious PE of 40% reduction in mortality if patients hadn't been referred in the latter half who were heavily pre-treated, meaning the cells couldn't respond to existing signals.

The current narrative is that the patients in the latter half were older and had depleted T cells. I don't buy that 8 years makes that big a difference when results in under 65s were so good.

The question I have that I'd very much appreciate any insights on is this: If a patient is pre-treated with Tocilizumab, could that also deplete T cells?

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It's crazy how long this has been happening and we never paid attention to it. I wonder if this guy will accidentally commit "suicide." Maybe he will have a car accident. Maybe "this is currently my own conspiracy ," maybe he got a conscious and was going to become a whistle blower and he was found out. Maybe putting him in an institution and having it found out with make whatever he says seem unlikely because he had a mental breakdown. I just wanted to out this in writing. We will see!

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