Wow, Jessica. This is quite the plot twist. No doubt you are in discussion with Walter about these findings?

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Again... Rock Star!

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Jun 16, 2022Liked by Jessica Rose

I guess myocarditis is diagnosed based on cardiac imaging? Only able to biopsy heart muscle post mortem? Would like to hear Drs Peter Mc Cullough and Ryan Cole’s take on this theory.

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Very interesting! How long does it take to develop amyloidosis of the heart? A few days? A few months?

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I think there are cases of both. I think this connects well with injuries such as the AA pilot Bob Snow

when he went into cardiac arrest.

The fact that there is a preference to younger men points to the myocarditis due to their excellent circulation system with rapid exposure to the LNPs which trigger a ton of lymphocyte damage and two intense immune responses around their heart that Dr. Bhakdi discusses here [1]

“Any cell which expresses this foreign antigen will come under attack by the immune system, which will involve both IgG antibodies and cytotoxic T-lymphocytes. This may occur in any organ. We are seeing now that the heart is affected in many young people, leading to myocarditis or even sudden cardiac arrest and death.”

he also makes a reference to [80] in his paper here [2] as it relates to myocarditis that might be of use.

[1] https://doctors4covidethics.org/on-covid-vaccines-why-they-cannot-work-and-irrefutable-evidence-of-their-causative-role-in-deaths-after-vaccination/

[2] https://doctors4covidethics.org/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/pfizer-moderna-public.pdf

[80] B. Siripanthong et al.: Recognizing COVID-19-related myocarditis: The possible pathophysiology and proposed guideline for diagnosis and management. Heart rhythm 17 (2020), 1463–1471. pmid: 32387246.

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Best of luck getting the peer review and publishing that you seek. Important data.

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Is this one of the possible causes of SADS?

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Very interesting! When Fauci was 1st introduced by Trump he said that he would be using new technologies to make the "vaccines" : mRNA as well as self replicating nano proteins. Do you think these self replicating nano proteins could explain the strange clots in veins and arteries as well as amyloidosis of the heart and brain?

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Wow- thanks JR. My husband's oncologist today recommended for him the new EVUSHELD antibody jab. It's a combo of monoclonal antibodies. The main side effect is... wait for it... heart attacks. But doc says that's only in people with previous heart attacks. The RRR is claimed at 77% but I calculated absolute risk reduction at 0.8%. I want to talk him out of it, but he's very interested. Any info on this? It just got EUA. I've kept him away from mRNA boosters, but need info on this if anyone knows anything.

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Dr. Rose,

Please see:

Phosphate toxicity: new insights into an old problem - PMC

Moderate phosphate toxicity that takes longer to develop can lead to the deposition of calcium phosphate crystals in various tissues, including often fatal cardiovascular calcification. An abnormal deposit of calcium phosphate crystals due to phosphate toxicity is usually an irreversible process. NaPi: sodium-dependent phosphate transporter CKD: chronic kidney disease....

Please also see:

Phosphate toxicity and tumorigenesis - PubMed

by RB Brown · 2018 · Cited by 62 — High dietary phosphate consumption causes the growth of lung and skin tumors in experimental animal models. Additional studies show that excessive phosphate burden induces growth-promoting cell signaling, stimulates neovascularization, and is associated with chromosome instability and metastasis. Studies have also shown phosphate is a mitogenic factor that affects various tumor cell growth. Among epidemiological evidence linking phosphate and tumor formation, the Health Professionals Follow-Up Study found that high dietary phosphate levels were independently associated with lethal and high-grade prostate cancer.....

Then know--- PROPRIETARY chemical formulas of phosphate blends are injected into drinking water systems world-wide and NO ONE in our water industry was EVER allowed to know all of the *ingredients* contained in these phosphate blends or the Carus Co. other 326+ drinking water treatment products. (I have a ton of PROOF to show you!!!) Carus designed and manufactured weapons for our DOD! You NEED to see a list of drinking water 'treatment products' I found on the FDA's website and Sigma Aldrich's website! All I'm asking is that you help me get our *trusted* scientific community looking at these lists because I know you will be able to understand them and understand what the hell we're being dosed with and what the hell is maiming us and killing us! PLEASE contact me. 262-613-3262

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Interesting. Have you been collaborating with Walter Chestnut?

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Thank God! Not a minute too soon....... https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/beagles-nih-research-facility-animal-welfare-violations/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=fb258472-675e-4173-8644-af967156e65d

Sorry Jessica, but so many of us all felt the same about the beagle expose. There has to be a special animal cruelty department in hell for some people

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Jun 17, 2022·edited Jun 17, 2022

Hi Jessica!

Thank you for your continued research into this! Just curious....would you be willing to look into and possibly put out information on anything that might help people who have gotten the shot and potentially have amyloidosis, whether it's cardiac or systemic? I know there's no "cure" but I saw Walter made a post this week on his substack and shared that Quercetin & Cucumerin may be helpful for example.

I know for people like myself who have serious regrets and worries about getting the vaccine, I'm willing to do and take anything I can to prevent as many complications as possible.

From my own very non-scientific research, I have put together a list of things that have been documented so far to help amyloidosis but would really love someone with your brain and scientific understanding to weigh in!

Here's what I've found so far on my search but if you have a chance to dive into any studies or information to conclude how helpful any of these might be, I know I would be so personally grateful and I assume many others who have the same fears as I do!


• DMSO (dimethyl sulfoxide)

• Acetyl l-carnitine

• Benfotiamine

• Carnosine

• CoQ10

• Curcumin

• Myricetin

• Quercetin

• Fibrinolytic enzymes: Serrapetase, Nattokinase, Lumbrokinase

• Bromelain

• Resveratrol

• Glutathione

• Vitamin C


• St. John's Wort

• Pycnogenol

• Boswellia

• Scutellaria lateriflora (Blue skullcap)

• Ginkgo

• Dandelion

It's so very helpful to have people like yourself looking into what is potentially going on with people because hopefully that will give us some answers and hope for things people who have been injured by this poison can possibly do.

Appreciate you!! <3

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Thank you LL. I spoke with hubby today and advised him against the Evusheld, due to being brand new, having only 0.8% absolute risk reduction, risk of heart attack, and the fact that he’s been on chemo and another monoclonal- just stop injecting stuff! But he may end up doing it anyway. He now has informed consent and will make his own decision.

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I’m jealous of your brain capacity JR! Thank you for letting us have a glimpse of your inner workings and supporting this insane conundrum we’ve all been subjected to. Cats help keep us sane IMO, so glad you have yours. Mine has been working overtime for sure!

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Thank you.

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