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Thanks for all you do Jessica!

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The best assumption is that they're all toxic and to avoid them at all costs.

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Thanks for the update!

Glad to see there is information on the number of unused doses, looks to be about 20%. This is helpful as one potential confounder is that some lots may just be sitting on a shelf still. This issue might have a similar effect to the VAERS reporting backlog.

I don't know if you saw this response to your previous post.. (not my work)


This has a very interesting plot that shows a very clear relationship between time of first administration and AE rate when AE is plotted as a sorted list. I'm not sure exactly what to make of that, but it seems consequential to me. It could be related to the age of the recipients, given the rollout priority schedule. But, it seemed too clean for that and there were also some notable outliers.

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I think it's less about the mRNA and more about the lipids. I don't even think the mRNA works, it seems like their pipe dream.

Maybe they have different suppliers. The lipids are the thing that made Moderna have issues with repeat doses

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This may or may not be relevant. Years ago with childhood actual vaccines there was a bad lot and lots of adverse reactions. I don't remember the reference or details, but it was probably in The Truth Abut Vaccines series. They didn't want reactions traceable, so after that they mixed up the lots before geographical distribution so if there was a bad lot it wold appear randomly in isolated cases in different places. Just fyi - no end to dirty tricks.

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It's really crazy that we have to analyze these concerns. It means all trust has been lost in the FDA and the manufacturers. It means nobody should consent to be injected with this mystery juice. I have also questioned the importance of body weight. The dose for somebody who is 100 pounds is the same as somebody 300 pounds. For children a 5 year old is going to be much smaller than a 11 year old. This nonsense has to be stopped.

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Jessica, remember the possibility raised, McCullough also wondered, that injecting without aspirating first could have led to vax material heading directly into the bloodstream, rather than staying in the deltoid or in muscle? It could be a matter of one Walgreens or CVS injecting I correctly from their stock, which would, likely, hail from the same LOT. You know, correlation vs causation. Has this been investigated?

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Illuminating Indeed! But I don't detect any smell at all, the little beasties took care of that.

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"Batch" is the Brittish word for "Lot" Here you can check which batches are bad.


For fun: The vax is like a box of chocolates..


The Bitchute Channel of Craig Paardekooper


He has done many different analyses on the data.

This is an analysis done by an independent group. https://www.bitchute.com/video/4HlIyBmOEJeY/

There is some correlation with the political bias in the areas, The bad lots are more often found in the Republican states. It might be good to do some analysis on that. Because the difference can be 1000 fold, the Democrats are either suppressing all reports, Or the lots are deliberately sent to these states, or these lots are made more toxic during transport. There was a report that found that these toxic batches came from one distributor.

Note that hot storage would make these batches less toxic, as it would reduce the active mRNA. And the cold storage requirement was later removed. It was probably only a requirement to keep track of who got injected (for the passport system). (according to Wolfgang Wodarg - Corona Investigative Committee)

The Japanese reported that some VAX-LOTS had weird things in it. 1.6m Moderna doses withdrawn in Japan over contamination


Contaminants found in more Moderna COVID vaccine in Japan


Japan probes two deaths after jabs from tainted Moderna batch


Foreign matter in Moderna COVID vaccine identified as stainless metal


More sensationalized:

CDC Whistleblower Drops Nuke: Deadly Bioweapon Lots Targeting Specific Groups - Stew Peters https://rumble.com/vsbr4w-cdc-whistleblower-drops-nuke-deadly-bioweapon-lots-targeting-specific-group.html Some information from hackers and whistleblowers.

Dr Mike Yeadon: The variability in serious adverse events by vaccine lot is the “calibration of a killing weapon” https://dailyexpose.uk/2022/01/11/mike-yeadon-the-variability-in-serious-adverse-events/

British Mathematician & Professor of Risk Management, Norman Fenton, walks Del through UK data on the incredible peak of excess deaths that occurred in the U.K. at the same time as the covid vaccine rollout - The Highwire https://www.bitchute.com/video/tZtwiepFX8fL/ It seems that if you shift the "vaccinated" state by one week, you get a wave of side-effects. And the increase in hospitalized "unvaccinated" disappears. The magic of statistical manipulation revealed.

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Thanks for putting this together. It's like watching a slow-moving train wreck.

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The purpose of a LOT in the food world is to be able to trace all inputs (incl labour) into that LOT in case of something going wrong and a recall is needed - many large manufacturers will test each LOT for pH, Brix, and total CFUs. In terms of figuring out LOT size - in the food world LOT size is determined by what is the largest amount you can produce from 1 batch to packaged product which depends of equipment and facility storage/logistics. So LOT size is very facility specific. If they are using what we would call 'copackers' ie contract manufacturers, then each contract manufacturer will likely have a different LOT size and may have a different way of coding the lots (also equipment specific). Manufacturers have incentive to keep their individual LOT sizes the same because of logistics - labour time is worked out, inputs are worked out etc. You have to reinvent the wheel every time you change your batch/LOT size.

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The proof of burden is now on the :

- vaccine manufacturers

- regulating agencies

- epidemiological data gathering public institutions

To release ALL the RAW data for PUBLIC, SCIENTIFIC analysis, because that is the ONLY way to settle this.

Doshi et al @BMJ have been saying the same all along and put out an editorial just two days ago about this:


But we will NOT get the data, just as we didn't get the data in the swine flu epidemic, or Ebola outbreak(s), or the avian flu outbreak or the zika virus fiasco.

Why? Because it is NOT an oversight, it is not just bad bureaucracy, but because it is BY DESIGN.

All the players have a financial incentive NOT to release the data : drug makers, regulators (funded largely by big pharma money), politicians (getting lobbying money from pharma), journal publishers (again, big pharma advertising money).

Who will officially publish the data, when all the parties involved have an incentive NOT to do so?

Even if some heroic whistle-blower comes forward (say Dr William Thompson/CDC), that person will just get a legal gag order, will be fired and ostracized from the scientific / professional community of peers.

What is the upside of leaking, if you spend the rest of your days in jail or under house arrest?

Sorry, but the situation is much more systematically broken and bleaker than people who trust in truth, honesty, transparency and the scientific method believe.

It all comes down to Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? in the end, doesn't it?

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What is really interesting to me is all the issues you are finding ie missing and unclear data. Data not entered correctly ie the '0' at the beginning of the lot #.Shouldn't we know how many vials in a lot, how many doses per vial, and how many of those doses were shipped and administered versus wasted or not shipped. If I know a patient is getting a dose I like to do pre and post labs and if they have a reaction I do see a change in the labs (with the exception of 1 person.) For me, a post treatment reaction, plus a change in labs (D-dimer, hs-crp, LDH, ferritin, etc) is a clear and true reaction. A recent guardian article claimed 2/3 of covid jab reactions not caused by vaccine ie nocebo effect. What do you make of this: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jama/article-abstract/2776228?resultClick=24

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Given the knowledge, equipment and software avalable both to businesses such as Pfizer and governement agencies such as the FDA, the excuse that stuff like variable toxicity between batches cannot be monitored, tracked or even corrected for in the manufacturing process is pure bupkiss.

Imagine regulations for the food industry being as relaxed:

"Oops, was there traces of peanuts in your bag of crisps and now you're having an anaphylactic shock? Gee, that's too bad but how on Earth do you expect us to keep track of every little thing that goes into your food at the processing plant?"

I'm thinking Pfizer learned its trade from the software companies.

Imagine what you and your fellows could do with half of Pzifer's budget for product safety.

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Have you talked to Vanessa Schmidt-Kruger at all? I can't remember if she talked about the method of production of the mRNAs for the material for clinical trials vs. general distribution. Someone discussed that and I think it was her. She's mostly concerned about the cationic lipids, or at least, that was her major concern last year at this time (cardiology background). It would be good if you two genius brains could talk. :)

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