People need to stop using Youtube. Peertube is open source and free to install on your own servers. Plus it can easily be federated. You in effect run your own Youtube Inc and can allow users.

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It is both totally unbelievable and totally believable that this clip would be censored today. One of the signs of totalitarianism is that the fanatical followers and enforcers of tyranny lose their sense of humor.

On a lighter note, I discovered a hilarious mashup of this skit with Moloko’s “Killa Bunnies” song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XkgWXPMgyI) and included it in the first footnote of this piece:

• “Anatomy of a Philanthropath: Dreams of Democide & Dictatorship – Part 1: A Mostly Peaceful Depopulation” (https://margaretannaalice.substack.com/p/anatomy-of-a-philanthropath-dreams)

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"That's no ordinary vaccine.

That's the most foul, cruel

and bad-codonoptimized mRNA-injection you ever saw.

You tit! I soiled my armor

I was so scared.

That transfection agent's got a vicious streak.

It's a killer.

- Get stuffed!

- He'll do you up a treat, mate.

You mangy Antivaxxers git!

- I'm warning you.

- What's it do, a rash at your bum?

It's got huge side effects...

It can attack your heart ...

- Look at the bones!

- Go on, Bors. Get the vaxx in.

Right. Silly little bleeder.

One Spikeprotein stew coming right up.


Jesus Christ!

- I warned you.

- I've done it again.

I warned you, but did you listen to me?

Oh, no. You knew it all, didn't you?

Oh, it's just a harmless

little injection, isn't it?

Well, it's always the same.

I always tell them...

Shut up!

Right. Vaccinate!"

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Jessica, you are priceless.

We have gone so far off the rails, I have to pinch myself every day. Here in NYC we have a mayor who clearly believes in killer flying rabbits, not to mention our governor. And we have a clear case of Stockholm syndrome for NYC would actually elect the warden of the lockdown camp.

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Pity we weren't asked if would be offended at being coerced into having experimental gene therapy, being placed under house arrest for months on end, made to wear face nappies and denied medical treatment for anything other than an invented disease caused by an invented virus which has never been proven to exist.

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Aug 25, 2022·edited Aug 25, 2022

Well, if we consider that "Monty Python" would not be even allowed today, this is not surprising...

(not to mention "Married with Children" :P)

During the "communist" times, we had books translated that were censored in US for decades... say 1001 Arabian nights... This "bringing up to code" of history is an old disease in this country... But - I guess - "censor-sheep" is the price we have to pay for... freedom?!

Another interesting fact: in older movies (but not that old), nobody would use bad words; however, Lt. Kojak would call his subordinate (brother in real life) - Stavros - "fatso"; nowadays, things are in complete reverse. "Fatso" is the new "f" word :P... If I paid this "compliment" @work, that would mean HR and (ex)termination :P.

My personal opinion is that tiptoeing around "sensitivities" doesn't solve anything; the society drives people mad and frustrated, so they look for reasons to vent... The more "accommodating" we are, the lower the thresholds get... but that is easier to do than building a fair and equal society.

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It’s censored because it shows someone literally fighting to the death against overwhelming odds. Not backing down is considered offensive by the censors.

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When we were children, my big brother once saved a white rabbit from being fed to a family friend's python. He persuaded the friend to give him the rabbit, which he christened Henry - but it was so aggressive, we had to wrap our hands up in a double bedsheet before opening the hutch to feed him. I am not exaggerating. We realised we'd adopted the one from the Holy Grail... a week later my brother gave it back to the family friend - I don't know what happened after that but I didn't fancy the python's chances. I wonder if this childhood story needs to come with a warning now...

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My girlfriend's (sorry ladies) son confessed that he longs to be microchipped so he no longer has to be burdened by thinking. So he can be told what to do and think. A clean hassle free existence of work, gaming and appropriate bonding. This was said without a shred of irony. What a fucking nightmare we are trudging towards.

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Deplatform Censorious Platforms!

Vote with your feet to defeat! Let's all make a concerted effort to exit censorious spying platforms -- YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Google, Instagram, Trusted News Initiative members (TNI)*, etc. -- in favor of platforms that welcome and celebrate free speech. By leaving these censorious platforms in droves, we send them a clear message: Either change your ways or wither away.

* TNI members: https://www.independentsentinel.com/you-need-to-know-about-the-trusted-news-initiative/

Better-known free-speech platforms include: Substack, Gettr, Gab, Odysee, Telegram, Truth Social, Rumble, Bitchute, Briteon, and The Epoch Times comments. (I'm not a social media expert, so apologies in advance if any of these no longer are -- or never were -- free-speech platforms or I have missed any of your favorites.)

So-called "free" platforms like Facebook and Twitter take away your actual freedom of thought and speech, instead using YOU as their product: Your data in exchange for no-charge "services" and censorship "for your own good". Garbage tinfoil handcuffs, these are!

We should support and pay for the best platforms. No-charge free is rarely truly free. Liberty -- actual freedom -- comes at a price, either financial or in blood (real or virtual).

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Don’t be upset, YouTube is trying to rebrand and promote themselves as family friendly, you know, an online community where pedophile makeup artists in drag get artificially boosted so kids can watch.

But don’t worry, you can totally trust her sister with your DNA.

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The death of comedy spells the end of Western Civilization. “Run away! Run away! Run away!”

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"Ye manky Scots git" was probably all it took for some people to take offence. I doubt that it was the other content.

Most non-Brits wouldn't be sensitised to Scottish "offence" mechanisms. Certainly not Scots. They poke fun at themselves as much as any English w/man.

Stiring up discord where none existed is part of the agenda.

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Monty Python used to keep me and my 4 brothers in stiches...my younger brother memorized all the lines from all their movies. Every once is awhile I will roll out to my kids "Aaachhh! You think you have it hard! Why, when I was your age, we woke up before we went to sleep, and licked the street clean before going to school!"

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It's offensive because the bones are all white. Where are the diverse bones?

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