Hi guys... yeah i am hearing that. i think it's because it's still processing so when it's finishing processing, i will update the link. :) it should work then. it is public.

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A weird thought came to mind as soon as I saw this post. I’ve read a lot of your writings lately so perhaps that is why this came up....how happy are you Jessica that you did not cave to the pressures to receive the jab(s) given everything you now know??

As angry as I am about all of this mess and I’m damn mad, and sad for those who have been harmed, I would be beyond filled with rage had I acquiesced. Not quite sure how I managed to remain a Pureblood given the pressures but my big question remains for those who did take it. Where’s the outrage???

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Personal attacks are a big part of their modus operandi and Dr. Rose is certainly under surveillance for her vital work including her paper (w/ Dr. McCullough) on myocarditis which I had submitted to the Provincial Court of Vancouver in my testimony against my former boss, Jen Gall of Canada Post for which I had delivered mail in Vancouver for 27 years.

"Street theater" and Directed Energy Weapon attacks against you and your pets are part of the whistle-blower harassment. Also, if you are a threat to corporate power, expect that rental suites above, beside or in view of your residence are likely occupied by CSIS watchers (in Canada) or Mossad in Israel. I witnessed (right outside my door as I left to walk my dog) a courier delivering CSIS documents to the UK nationals ("Robert Stewart and Sarah Bignell") renting ($3400/month paid by Canadaian taxpayers) the beautifully-renovated 2-bedroom unit directly above mine. How many 20 somethings do you know who can pay $3400/month in rent? Once outside, I asked the courier if the documents he'd just delivered were from CSIS and his face lit up as he emphatically answered, "YES!" (He was a courier not a CSIS employee.)

I am under longstanding aggressive targeted surveillance as a result of laying 39 criminal charges in the Provincial Court of Vancouver against the Director of Mail Operations (Canada Post) for the City of Vancouver, Jen Gall including for her crimes of warrantless search and seizure using an IMSI Catcher via the Internet of Nano Things (in masks, jabs and bodies) in the Terahertz Band. I have also implicated the Vancouver Police Department, the RCMP, CSIS and S&IS (Canada Post. )

In addition, I was violently assaulted by Vancouver police at work, injured and fired after 27 years for my refusal to wear a mask on August 17th, 2022 when no provincial or federal mask mandates were in effect. I've laid criminal charges against Director, Jen Gall for administering the Mandatory Vaccination and Mask policies. I've testified Under Oath "in camera" (locked courtroom) during 5 appearances in the Provincial Court of Vancouver (Judges, Burgess, Dome, Sutherland and St. Pierre presiding.) BC Attorney General, Niki Sharma wouldn't allow my recorded testimony (5×) unless she intended to use it against Directing Mind of Canada Post, Jen Gall which will involve a Non-Prosecution Agreement (get out of jail free card for corporate criminals) through which criminal psychopath, Jen Gall will launder her treason.

Check out former electrical engineer, Sabrina Wallace's work on the WBAN (IEEE802.15.6.)


...and you'll understand why my criminal charges against Jen Gall which violate Sections 184(1) and 430(5) of the Criminal Code of Canada (WARRANTLESS SEARCH AND SEIZURE) using an IMSI Catcher via the Internet of Nano Things and the WBAN (IEEE802.15.6) are relevant.

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Thank you for this. It has given me a whole smorgasbord of food for thought. I am returning to medical school this week, and heaven knows: if they are going to insist on these bastard shots, I will present them with some questions about why they are willing to squander the futures of their students on this tragic medical malpractice.

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Thanks for presenting this. I had a disagreement with my hip surgeon in May 21 as I had read about endothelial danage caused by the injectable product. It still bothers me to this day how he insisted it was my duty. Between fearing for being denied the surgery to resolve the excruciating pain I endured for 3 years, work demanding vaccination, along with the suppression of any negative effects from being reported, I felt the risks were low. I was wrong.

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I Am Vaccinated.

And I Don't Want To Hear Another Word

About Sudden Vaccine Deaths.

They're Dead.

What Difference Does It Make ?

You're Scaring Me.

I am Terrified Enough Already Of Breathing Air.

I Don't Care How Many People Die From The Vaccine.

We Are Running The Risk Of Scaring Children

From Getting Injected And Giving Me Covid.

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2030 GOALS and beyond can only be reached if the proper tools are utilized by the Secular Ruling Families & Billionaires.

So both the lab engineered RNA and the lab mRNA toxic spew are very good tools to try to reach 2030 with at least a smaller global uman Herd size.

I'm expecting that the new versions of the m[iracle]RNA toxic spew jabs will more efficient when it comes to Silent Culling, specially now that they will deploy them in tandem with the "FLU" jab!

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Hey jessica

Keen to see this but cant get access via Rumble x

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Many thanks Jessica and much appreciated 👍

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jess, please send this excellent video to Bill, Faucho, Hotez, and Brandon as they have no clue, unless they are deliberately trying to cull the population.

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Great presentation, Jessica. With regards to the neurological damages we are seeing, this doesn’t prove that glial cells or others in the brain and/or cells in the CNS of the spinal cord are being transfected and that the LNPs are indeed getting through the BBB? With the plethora of symptomology and damage we are seeing through out different body systems, does it not prove the LNPs used have wide tissue tropism? As a non-scientist, I’m wondering how all these myriad damages could be occurring if the LNPs are not omnitropic, marking various tissue for destruction by our cytotoxic T cells? Do you know of anyone doing work in the lab on the specificity of tissue tropism of the specific LNPs used in these products? Thank you!

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Thank you. Yes: I struggle with this, as it is my second(ish) career and I am nearing my sell-by date with astonishing speed. I am 50, and my goal is to have my MD when I am 55. I have worked to academically qualify by being a part-time student for 6 years already, and have another 4 full-time to go. I do not know what i will do if they insist on this as absolute qualification, other than plead my case and be a voice for the younger students, who likely have not had the opportunity or motivation to read up about this.

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Sep 12·edited Sep 12

Theresa Scam Tam and team reading from their narrative now use updated covid vaccine not booster. She doesnt even know what she is talking about so she has to read her notes. We can all write without notes we remember stuff from 2 years ago as our health and longevity require that.

The clown show with N95s that clearly is destroying the few brain cells they have left that the vax hasnt destroyed.

As people say this is todays news and tomorrows news wll have hatred and vitriol against those who refuse these updated shots and the loaded gun of onsequences just waiting to bring out.

It is quite laugheable that they need a mask after all those shots. Have you gotten your updated measles vaccine yet after 20 years since your last measles shot because they just said you need these vaccines to get more antibodies so wheres the updated measle shot for adults?

Natural infection gives you natural solid antibodies and since their 5 or 6 shots obviously havent produced antibodies then their vaccines are a fraud.

I think they have given up on the unvaccinated. A losing battle of course and human rights violations they know they have to pay out for eventually. The loaded gun at the head with consequences is a real nazi moment and they know the unvaccinated will tell them to take the gun from their head aim it at theirs and pull the trigger.. That is a great court moment.

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Great presentation, so much info I listened 3 times already, so dense and full of wisdom❤️

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Jessica this was excellent thank you.

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Regarding the zeta potential of these LNPs, you are right to be concerned. Christie Grace, who worked in Biotech producing therapeutic LNPs for cancer experimental models, calculated the zeta potential of the vax LNPs at -200-something.

Sorry I can't quote her substack - I think she took it down because of attacks and a doxing attempt.

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