The decision to begin injecting adolescents was enough for me, but when they [successfully!] attempted to gaslight millions of young parents into having their infants and toddlers, nota bene with developing immune systems, be injected by a novel product lacking any long-term history on side effects, ostensibly for a disease which posed no statistically significant threat to their children, it became utterly clear that this was an evil enterprise.

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I am not usually speechless but reading about what is being inflicted on the most precious and innocent lives does leave me speechless with anger.

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Dear Jessica,

Thank you for using your voice to focus on the harm being done to children, the most precious of humanity. For the life of me, I cannot understand what outside force could be so powerful as to accede the power of a parent's protection of their child. Please God, help me to clarify what I cannot process. All I want to do is cry.

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The harm being done to fetuses, babies, infants & children BY DOCTORS. The AAP & ACOG (& all of the other physician organizations) are evil incarnate & have much to answer for

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Thank you Jessica, this jab is obviously being used for nefarious purposes. ACOG still recommends the Bioweapon for pregnant women .

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Yep .. but the idiots will continue to inject their infants with the Rat Juice.

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3 years in and mountains of evidence. And still no mainstream awareness of any of this. In fact, the mainstream world is plowing through with more pressure to keep getting more shots. That powerful lobby is scarier than any virus.

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With the proven dangers of these injectables for even healthy adults,

and the greater vulnerability of infants and children,

this isn't reckless homicide but attempted murder,

geno/speciescide [word?], and/or war.

The 5-step defense -




Try (Trial)

Execute those found guilty - publicly**

These are crimes against humanity.

The perpetrators should not be considered

human, nor should they have civil rights,

except fair trial.

*No bail. No in-out allowed.

All legal and personal business

to be conducted from jail.

**To defray public losses, harms & procedural costs,

sell raffle tickets to be on the firing squads.

I'm not a bastard by nature, but in

time of need you'll never guess that.

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Thank you Jessica.. for Zeroing in on the Facts regarding the Bio-Weapon..again.. At this point I am completely ashamed of America. We were the spawning point of this Crime of the Century.. Big Brother created it here and sold it abroad...[ just like we do War] there are no words to sufficiently express my contempt for those responsible... so back to work I go till Nuremberg is realized Fully..

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Thank you for the article! The 68,000 reported adverse events in infant to 17 is devastating!! Is it fair to include the underreporting factor of at least 30….which would make the number closer to around 2,000,000?

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Thank you Jessica once again for this article. Helen Grus a police detective here in Canada is currently being prosecuted for doing her job. Initially she became very curious during her investigations into an unusual amount sudden infant deaths. Could the vaccinated mothers unknowingly passed on the contaminated breast milk from themselves to their baby? Hmmm. Well her purview allows his investigation to occur. Interestingly her own police department came after her to stop her work with no real explanation and has her in court charging her with a crime. The current Canadian government definitely does not want this case and connections to the vaxx to occur. Hopefully this information reaches her general counsel as it will be useful in her defence. Babies and children deserve a voice and protection from this toxic poison.

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Sadly, America is proving to be near the top of Satanic leaders in the World...

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Dr Rose is there any way of determining if the infants 0-4 were exposed through breastmilk or injected?

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Jessica, my heart goes out to you... completely .. I can only imagine how you feel, I pray your friends in Israel are some how protected from the madness.. and as you said cooler heads prevail...

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One important fact that offers us some assurance. In the US the booster business is bust.

The facts remain however as you point out; our regulatory agencies are negligent at best.

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"a plague on both their houses."- Mercutio 😤😤😭😭😭😭😭😭

#wearemany #wearememory #wewillnotforgive #getnoisy #getlocalised

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