It is like a nothing to see here folks. Look, we do have a safe and effective product (poison). Those alarmists are full of nonsense.

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Dec 3, 2023·edited Dec 3, 2023

NZ excess deaths data whistleblower house raided, arrested. Appearing in Wellington court 10am tomorrow. Anyone in Wellington free to go to court?


Data dump on dashboard (see also Steve Kirsch on data dump)


4x MOAR videos with Liz Gunn, Bridgen, Osterhuis


Where is Liz Gunn now? https://t.me/KiwiandSue/14098


EDIT: Counterspin Media (our side) looking for someone to report for them from Wellington


Please DM me if you are in Wellington and can report for us

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Holy hell, Jessica. This is at least circumstantial evidence of a sinister plot.

Seven-fold differences in relative proportions of seriousness would not likely arise "naturally" because that would require that they be attributed to the underlying "genetic/metabolic differences."

However, one of the biggest metabolic differences recorded is for impaired glucose tolerance -- i.e., North America vs. Southeast Asia: a 2.9-fold difference in prevalence [PMID: 37196350] -- but that difference between people is mostly only a difference between the diets of people, not a true difference between people.

It is not expected for the same thing to "naturally" (accidentally) cause 7 times the damage in "certain" populations.

Interestingly, Vietnam began accumulating excess deaths in late summer of 2021 but Taiwan did not begin to accumulate any excess deaths until early summer of 2022.

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I’m hosting 4 Vietnamese male high school exchange students (2 of the 4 are brothers). I haven’t broached this topic previously, but I’m sure they will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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I remember in 2021 an article from Taiwan News pointing out that the number of deaths after the Covid shots was higher than the number of deaths from Covid. I found the article recently with a search on a browser. I also remember an article about how Taiwan stopped giving the shots to young people because they noticed the explosion of myocarditis.

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Obfuscation by complication.

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This matches up perfectly with Deborah Conrad’s personal anecdotes describing the ultimatum to look the other way — stop filling out reports.

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Under US Law, post-marketing surveillance is mandatory. That is why, for example, Pfizer Periodic Safety Reports (PSURs) are required by the FDA. That must include all Foreign Reports. The TGA in Australia, for example, must forward all Serious Adverse Reaction reports to the DAEN to America.

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Dr. Yeadon pointed to the extreme disparities between batches, as prima facie evidence of a criminal experiment. According to him uniformity of product is one of the key requirements for vaccine manufacture. The kind of marked levels of injuries for some batches, and not others, seen at https://howbadismybatch.com/ - indicated a malign experiment, foul play, or unconscionable negligence. Sending batches of differing lethality to targeted populations would also point in these directions.

We know that the Billionaires want to retreat to NZ, to ride out the last war they have planned, in their bunkers, there.... Perhaps eliminating most of the Maoris and the Kiwi colonials is part of the plan, too. It sounds from other news that some Government officials down there were allowed to escape the slaughter, in exchange for herding the population into the slaughterhouse.

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During Steve Kirsch's recent presentation at MIT, a WPI (Worcester Polytechnic Institute) professor Stephen Bitar said that his school had 7 "suicides" recently, but, he knew of one student personally, who wasn't a "suicide". The school obviously doesn't want "suicides" to be found out to be "vaccine" related,

as the school would be in big trouble as it mandated the "vaccines".


How much can one trust the death certificate data, concerning Covid-19?


How much can one trust the Foreign online reports of obituaries?


I think one has to slice and dice down to manageable populations with tracking data

that might show things rather starkly.

i.e. Teenagers suddenly dying of heart attacks over the years.

How many teenagers die from heart attacks or other non obvious reasons?

(i.e. car accidents, drowning etc). The number of teenagers suddenly dying in High School sports

or at home in the middle of the night for no apparent reason seems to be going up.

Or, is all this just antidotal rare reports? This is one area that should stick out like a sore thumb.


Pilot deaths are tracked in databases and studied. Those should be a population to follow, as they

watch their health very carefully as does the aviation medical examiners. And most all were forced to take the "vaccine"


If the governments of the world are hiding "their" data, then we have to start tracking things with our own databases, because

we can't depend on the governments databases to be truthful or transparent.


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May I have your email address? I have some information that can help with this.

I’m a surviving spouse, my husband died from a jj vac in 2021 and since then, I have been researching why.

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Is it possible that some cultures would be less concerned (and thus, less likely to report to VAERS) about redness, bruising, tenderness or mild swelling, skewing the data you are seeing? Some cultures may also be more perfectionistic and diligent about reporting every single data point and variance including less intense post-vaccination adverse effects.

Just a thought...

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Is it possible that countries that don't have robust vaccine reporting systems unlike say the EU or UK are notifying the manufacturer more, whereas the countries that do have a system are in some way splitting the results by having multiple reporting paths?

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VAERS occasionally receives case reports from U.S. manufacturers that were reported to their foreign subsidiaries. Under FDA regulations, if a manufacturer is notified of a foreign case report that describes an event that is both serious and unexpected (in other words, it does not appear in the product labeling), they are required to submit it to VAERS. These case reports are of variable data quality and completeness, due to the differences in country reporting practices.

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Bullseye 🎯 Jessica 🎯

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Here's my understanding of the Foreign Reports in VAERS: If a U.S. pharmaceutical company which manufactures vaccines has a subsidiary in a foreign country that sells the U.S. company's vaccines, that subsidiary is required to report Serious Adverse Events. I don't know for sure whether these reports are made directly to VAERS, or to the U.S. pharmaceutical company, which sends them on to VAERS, but I think it's the latter. I think these reports comprise the vast majority of FR reports in VAERS; and since the requirement is to report Serious Adverse Events, it's not surprising that the % of FR reports that are SAEs is much higher than the % of U.S. domestic reports that are SAEs. I think it's possible for an individual citizen or health care provider to file an FR report, but I think at least pre-spikeshots, this type of report was unusual.

I've been wracking my brain trying to remember where I got this information about the FR reports. I've been interested in VAERS a long time and have gotten info from many sources, but I have a vague memory of reading an official explanation of Foreign Reports at a U.S. federal website (FDA? VAERS - WONDER?).

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