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Taken from the CDC website today, 20 Sept 2023: ‘COVID-19 vaccination is recommended for all people aged 6 months and older. This includes people who are pregnant, breastfeeding, trying to get pregnant now, or those who might become pregnant in the future.’

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Thank you for all your hard investigative work in getting this important data out!

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"these important data" are all well over two years old.

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Thanks as always Jessica. I can barely bring myself to read these types of things anymore, not out of upsettedness, it just feels like drudgery. How much more evidence is going to be required for people to come to their senses? Especially those in the medical community.

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So don't read it.

Worry about issues that are relevant for you - like WEF, DEW, Hawaii fires and trans athletes.

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Staying tuned Dr Rose! I’m about to be sacked for refusing to comply with a vaccine direction whilst on maternity leave and breastfeeding. I’m forever grateful for all your work helping me to make informed decisions 🙏🏻

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So, while absent from work on maternity leave, and clearly no conceivable threat to work colleagues through being uninjected, you were still expected to comply?


I hope you and your baby prosper and flourish.

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Yes. Absolutely Appalling! I even provided the product information documents which Pfizer clearly stated the safety in lactating mothers was unknown.

The excuse they produced was that the vaccines were recommended in pregnancy and breastfeeding by all “the leading authorities” such as WHO and RANZCOG. I’m

in Australia.

Thank you. We are both doing well. Ultimately now I we have decided to homeschool our children so it’s probably going to turn out to be a blessing otherwise I’d be working and my children would have been in daycare!

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I have tried to get in contact with Dr Thorp previously. It might be worth trying again. Thank you for the share 🙏🏻

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The people behind the sacred miracle elixir rollout certainly don't discriminate based on age. They have presented an equal opportunity for each age group. I feel terrible for everyone who has taken the sacred miracle elixir but am especially angered/saddened by them targeting children, because they have no choice in the matter.

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Ma'am, what is going on targetd the children a long time ago. Every dictator knows the way to topple a country (countries) is through the children. They gained access through schools (cutting out the 3 R's or putting it on the back burner, bringing in abstract concept teaching) No critical reading skills leaves a deficit that way for critical thinking. After Gen X, that is when the list of recommended shots skyrocketed. Why would a child need a potassium shot, or however many months old baby hepatitis shots?

30 yrs of dumbing down society.

The gens after X, tons of isdues, physical and mental. Kids go off to college, go home on break, parents are told they are this, that. These ppl can not have a conversation, they resort to that violent to me. Bigot, racist, nazi, ??? phobic, fat phobic is one of the latest.

I'm a wordsmith, they are literally changing definitions of words. That is a problem, that is like letting the inmates run the prison, let the patients run the mental hospital, etc.

Grew up in front of technology, and the latest gen, IQ scores tested below the previous generation.

Never in the history before .

After the childen, the next step is CONTROL the HEALTHCARE. They are almost there.

After that is CONTROL THE FOOD.

Compliancy is the name of the game. Klaus says there will be no rokm for neurodivergent thinking.

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Hey Jess, check out the VAERS section at www.demandthetruth.xyz. It is the most comprehensive list of studies regarding pharmacovigilance from around the world, as well as other dataset analysis that all agree a clear safety signals existed by early 2021.

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From a layman's perspective one cannot help but wonder about the probable outcome comparison between what is presented at this point and not getting the product at all would be. Radical to use the general population as lab rats...more specifically, unethical.

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Well, using my common sense, the shot was bogus, it did not prevent transmission coming or going. There is no QUALITY clinical data (heck there may not be crappy studies as opposed to quality) to show that it prevented hospital stays.

Thr only thing these shots do, is maim and kill. They were designed to target. Maybe you are someone who resuses to believe what is right in front of you, I'm not sure.

So I feel confident in answering your question. The outcome of people not getting the shots IS LIVING, at the very least, not having suffered injury.

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An absolutely wretched jab , this is invaluable data that shows unequivocally that the shots need pulling and banning immediately. Excellent coverage of this dreadful event of our times. My up most respect Jessica.

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So glad this will be updated. I suspect there will be an increase in childhood cancers; this data could be found outside of VAERS too. In fact that would be a great way to cross-check by looking at state and/or national cancer incidence statistics.

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THERE is an INCREASE in cancer NOW.

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A neighbor’s wife (a nurse…..) got jabbed while pregnant. Her son had a rash on his head almost the entire first year of his life. He was miserable. Now he seems ok, but who knows? Will he be sterile?

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The Covid Fallen

And Those That Continue To Die

Every Day

Weren't Prepared For This War.

Who Among You Expected Them To Be ?

And Who Still Does ?

It Is A Serious Question.

And If You Can't Get Past That.

You Are Not Prepared Either.


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Please do not respond to this comment here.

It is relevant to the situation of Dr. Rose's posting,

but it is a different aspect of it that should not

distract from nor interfere with the topic presented

nor the discussion sought. Wait for a relevant

posting here or on another Substack.

But think about it.

The enemy has brought the war to the womb

and the genome. How much worse can it get?

Why is it that Fauci, Baric, Daszak,and their ilk

haven't been executed? Or tried? Or arrested?

They've only been a little inconvenienced!

Is the government too afraid of the Covid Cartel

do anything? Are they hoping we'll go DIY on justice?

That could get very ugly and messy, and might

spill over to include the passive enablers.

Again, don't respond here.

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Sir, It is the government (they are all corrupted and have been for appx 30 years) who shill for WEF, they all have their strings pulled by those who own everything....BlackRock & Vanguard.

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The mRNA injections are America's Chernobyl.

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Chernobyl was an accident.

mRNA vaccines are a bioweapon .

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This is happening all over the world, not just America.

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Gates and cronies’s depopulation plan hard at work with vaccines.

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You could say PHarma especially did not care to do trials for pregnancies and children and thus was able to push injections freely, which also was done, most likely intentionally since the fertility of women has shown to be targeted by Naomi Wolfs team. Also, the reports show results only up til now, not even in the near future nor at all in the coming decennias. So surely more adverse events will appear, maybe even in coming generations? When, actually, will the authorities react with firmness and stop the jab pushing to start with, and surely make some thorough investigations with over all judicial proceedings at the highest level? This must be brought to attention in the coming election debates, I am sure?

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The authorities did 'act with firmness'! In many countries they cynically pushed these dangerous concoctions on everyone, mostly by making employment or a normal life impossible without 'being up to date' with the injections.

The really interesting question - let's not hold our breath for justice - is: what is their next step?

In most countries, it would appear to be 'normalisation': just step up for your routine Covid jab, twice-yearly, just to be even safer.......

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What authorities?

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